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  1. A pair of lovely purple gloss wellington boots

    I've had my Rockfish wellies for a while now, but it was only yesterday that I wore them properly and really put them to the test.  I ventured on a three hour walk exploring the sculpture trail in the Forest of Dean.  Although the weather was dry and rather surprisingly pleasant yesterday, the paths were mud laden from the downpours late last week.  The brooks were filled and gushing by at speed, while some had lost their way and made their own routes alongside the path we walked. 

    Purple Gloss Rockfish Wellington Wellies Blog Review

    I took the opportunity to fully immerse my Rockfish wellingtons in ankle high squelchy mud and then rinse them clean in the flowing waters.  How would they survive?

    Purple Gloss Rockfish Wellington Boots Review

    Well, incredibly well as expected!  These boots are totally amazing and I love them more than ever after this expedition.  As I mentioned in my post long ago (when I received the boots) they are insanely comfortable whilst being flexible yet snug.  They remained this way for three solid hours of walking.  They did not rub my feet at all which is fabulous for a brand new pair of boots.   I’ll admit… I wore rather unwise socks.  Plain old cotton ankle socks.  Surely I’d get blisters for not picking a more sensible pair with new boots?  Amazingly no!  Not a blister in sight.

    I’d not even normally wear such suitable footwear for a walk such as this.  I’d usually grumble along in pumps or similar trying to jump over the puddles of mud and probably whinge a lot.  Not for this trip.  I was happily skipping through mud and wading through water confident in the knowledge my feet were totally shielded from the elements.  Rockfish wellies really are fab!