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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  I'm Victoria Sully, a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker.  I’m passionate about making money online, saving money, self-employment, healthy living and blogging.  I’m on a personal mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Thank you so much for joining me.


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» Listings for January 2014

  1. A pair of lovely purple gloss wellington boots

    I've had my Rockfish wellies for a while now, but it was only yesterday that I wore them properly and really put them to the test.  I ventured on a three hour walk exploring the sculpture trail in the Forest of Dean.  Although the weather was dry and rather surprisingly pleasant yesterday, the paths were mud laden from the downpours late last week.  The brooks were filled and gushing by at speed, while some had lost their way and made their own routes alongside the path we walked. 

    Purple Gloss Rockfish Wellington Wellies Blog Review

    I took the opportunity to fully immerse my Rockfish wellingtons in ankle high squelchy mud and then rinse them clean in the flowing waters.  How would they survive?

    Purple Gloss Rockfish Wellington Boots Review

    Well, incredibly well as expected!  These boots are totally amazing and I love them more than ever after this expedition.  As I mentioned in my post long ago (when I received the boots) they are insanely comfortable whilst being flexible yet snug.  They remained this way for three solid hours of walking.  They did not rub my feet at all which is fabulous for a brand new pair of boots.   I’ll admit… I wore rather unwise socks.  Plain old cotton ankle socks.  Surely I’d get blisters for not picking a more sensible pair with new boots?  Amazingly no!  Not a blister in sight.

    I’d not even normally wear such suitable footwear for a walk such as this.  I’d usually grumble along in pumps or similar trying to jump over the puddles of mud and probably whinge a lot.  Not for this trip.  I was happily skipping through mud and wading through water confident in the knowledge my feet were totally shielded from the elements.  Rockfish wellies really are fab!



  2. A colourful home decor wishlist

    I must be the last person on Earth to discover Oliver Bonas.  It all started in 1993 apparently.  The colourful tub chairs drew me into their shop in Cabots Circus recently.  I’ve already made a second visit whilst also stalking their website.  I've a feeling I know where my new favourite home decor shop is.

    Their homeware is fabulous; colourful, cool and eclectic.  I haven’t explored their clothing too much but their jewellery and patterned scarves are right up my street.  They also have the most wonderful range of books, activities and toys for toddlers so I have the perfect excuse to revisit for my daughter now.

    Hello Oliver Bonas: A colourful home decor wishlist

    I'm obsessed with these small wooden legged chairs in bright colours.  I can't imagine anyone can walk past their shop window without stopping to look at them.  The orange owl vase is very on trend - I keep seeing owls everywhere!  I've always been quite taken by orange.  I don't actually own a single thing that is orange, but I kind of fancy it as an accent colour in my living room at least once in my life.  I reckon some burnt orange textiles thrown about with a splash of bright orange will really create a warm toasty winter living room.

    The pixel cushion reminds me of Tetris!  I used to be in love with that game and could play it for hours on end.  The mushroom scarf is so quirky, it had to be included.  I sell some great printed scarves in my online shop too!

    I'm not sold on the pinky colour of the Moroccan style poof, perhaps for Bella's room, but I love the style.  If it were a darker version of that colour the bamboo bowl is painted with then I would snap it up, or a rusty orange, mmmmm

    Last but not least, the bamboo bowls!  I am so tempted to buy these.  That outer colour is just me.  I love the lightweightedness of these and would fill with fruit on the kitchen side or use as a salad serving bowl.

    These picks are my most favourite so far.  It really was hard to dwindle it down to these few as there really is an awesome choice.

    Their website is and if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll receive a £5 voucher!




  3. A fixed price global cuisine

    I’d never heard of ZaZa Bazaar until a few weeks ago when three people told me how totally amazing it was all in the same week!  ZaZa’s definitely sounded like a place I would love to eat and I knew I had to check it out.  Even better, it was located in my most favourite place of all - Bristol.

    With patience not always being my friend I eagerly booked a table, babysitter and deciding to make a weekend of it, a hotel.  Oh, and then I told my fiancée!

    Review: ZaZa Bazaar Buffet Restaurant Bristol - A fixed price global cuisine taste-alicious experience

    Having not yet spied the interior of the restaurant through the upstairs windows as we entered, we were fully in for a surprise.  We arrived twenty minutes early so sat in the downstairs bar sipping on an iced strawberry cocktail whilst we waited, dreaming of the luscious food and experience we were about to encounter.

    Upstairs was just as tremendous as we had envisaged.  Cool artwork plastered the walls whilst impressive collages of lampshades hung casually from the ceiling.  There were six stations in total; Indian, Tex Mex, European, Far East, Deli & Desserts.  

    Review: ZaZa Bazaar Buffet Restaurant Bristol - A fixed price global cuisine taste-alicious experience

    Even being a vegetarian I was incredibly spoilt for choice.  I don’t even know how my meat-eating partner was able to make his selections.  Everything looked absolutely mouth wateringly scrumptious and it tasted it too.  I seriously had the best cheese and tomato stone baked pizza I have ever tasted, along with the most perfectly cooked tofu buried in the most flavourful curries I have sampled.

    At first we were disappointed to learn you could only have your table for 1 hour 45 minutes.  But with no menu to pick from and the food fresh and waiting for you to scoop it up, we were starting to feel pretty full within the first hour.­  We managed four plates of food and had to admit defeat.  Being too stuffed to go anywhere else we rolled back to the hotel where a deep food filled sleep quickly engulfed us.  So much for a night out whilst we had the chance without the kids!

    Review: ZaZa Bazaar Buffet Restaurant Bristol - A fixed price global cuisine taste-alicious experience

    ZaZa Bazaar is unlike any buffet I have experienced.  I would usually be put off by a restaurant buffet with images of food left out for long periods, food not tasting fresh or drying out on the hot plates.  This is all not so at ZaZa’s.  Authentic chefs are right there in the middle of each station freshly preparing the food.  It was so busy the food tasted fresh as it was not lying around for very long.  Special requests could be made and recipes tailored to suit your tastes so an even fresher personalised meal can be experienced.  The concrete floors, buzzing atmosphere and array of neon light up signs fool you into being at a fantastic street food market in the Far East.

    My only negative would be most of the desserts weren’t suitable for vegetarians, but I was able to have a ginormous slice of chocolate cake!