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  1. Patchwork Pawprint Review: Handmade Personalised Bunting from Etsy

    My daughter, Bella, turned two at the beginning of June.  I stumbled across this beautiful personalised handmade name bunting back in April or May whilst browsing Etsy for birthday gift ideas.  The pink and green had a sweet, girly cottage feel to it.  As we were due to move house I thought it would look just perfect in Bella’s new bedroom.  We actually ended up moving house over her birthday weekend, so needed to buy presents in advance so we could still celebrate her birthday amongst all the house move chaos!

    Bella is quite girly so this design is perfect for her.  The best thing about ordering from small handmade folk is they are often open to custom orders so you can get exactly what you like.  If you want different colours or themes, perhaps more boyish bunting, then all you have to do is pop the maker a question with your requirements and they'll often be able to meet them.  You really can get something 100% personalised and bespoke to your requirements.

    I ordered in plenty of time to ensure delivery for the birthday girl's big day (the shop also stocks off the shelf products, but I think it’s worth the wait for the personalised touch!).  The bunting arrived and it is so totally adorable, perfectly stitched to the highest finish.  It looks just right in Bella’s new bedroom, hanging proudly above her cute cot bed attracting positive comments from all who see.

    If you are considering some similar personalised fabric bunting I would definitely visit who come highly recommended by me!  If you haven't yet discovered the joys of Etsy then what are you waiting for?  Find amazing unique gifts, home accessories and so much more!  It's the perfect place to support small businesses and stop buying mass produced products.

    patchwork pawprint etsy review bunting handmade lylia rose blog

    patchwork pawprint etsy review bunting handmade lylia rose blog

    patchwork pawprint etsy review bunting handmade lylia rose blog

    patchwork pawprint etsy review bunting handmade lylia rose blog



  2. Fashion Review: Whistle & Wolf Beautiful Orchid Print Dress

    The amazing brand Whistle and Wolf let me (very gladly) choose an item for review from their fantastic website  I literally had to revisit the website around ten times before making my decision as I just couldn’t choose!  I could have had the lot!  In the end I was torn between the cherry blossom prints, lace colour blocks and this stunning orchid print.  Eventually I decided I would probably wear the orchid print dress more often and for such a variety of occasions; evening out, date night and perhaps even a wedding (especially an evening do).

    Fashion Review: Whistle & Wolf Beautiful Orchid Print Dress

    The dress arrived very quickly and I was incredibly impressed with their branded packaging.  The dress was wrapped in tissue paper with silk branded ribbon.  This was within a branded canvas shopper bag featuring their rather cool logo.   I’ve been using the shopper almost daily so extremely useful too!  Inside all this delight was the dress; beautifully folded and screaming to be worn!

    Whistle & Wolf : Orchid Print Dress : lylia rose fashion blog

    This beautiful shift dress oozes high quality.  It is fully lined with premium feeling material.  The dress features a hidden zip at the back, a striking orchid print with neon hints, bright jade piping, capped sleeves and a rounded neckline.  These features create a perfectly finished dress in a very flattering cut.  

    The dress is comfortable to wear and not too tight at all.  I even managed to do the back zip up by myself.  The length is quite short on myself (I’m 5’7”) so I definitely wouldn’t take part in too much stretching or bending if wearing with bare legs!  I’m quite tall so it would probably be a more decent length on most.

    The whistle and wolf orchid print dress is an LBD with a difference; a bold and striking beautiful print.  It has a bright contemporary feel with a cut and print suitable all year round.  I would team it with high heels and bare legs for a girl’s night out, tights and boots in the wintery months and even alone with flip flops for hot summer days.   The print is so eye catchingly fantastic you don’t even need to accessorize!

    The dress retails for £55 on their website which seems reasonable to me for such a well made piece.  I imagine this dress will last me years and will no doubt be my dress of choice again and again!



  3. We've moved in!

    If you’ve been wondering where my blog posts have been recently, I’ll explain.  The house move entirely took over our lives for the past few weeks!  A completion date was finally set (four weeks late) and we had two weeks to pack the entire house, organise vans, sell the bulk of our old furniture and find new furniture.  It was all a little crazy and seemed absolutely nonstop whilst working evenings and only passing over with Ben for ten minutes most days meaning we had to try and organise everything via text; just a tad stressful!

    rainy bbq mint tesco bbq heart primark umbrella wet summer

    Only two weeks until we have our oven delivered!

    The move took most of move day as we could not collect keys until after 2pm.  We luckily managed to get everything in one van and even squished two new sofas onto the back!  Apparently Ben and his brother provided great entertainment to an audience of Next Outlet staff!   They somehow managed to get a three seat and two seat sofa vertically onto the back of one very full van!

    Two weeks on and we have managed to tear half the garden out, fill a huge pond, saw a couple of trees down, purchase almost all our new house furniture, paint the darkest blue bedroom white, white wash most walls, install a new bath and tile the bathroom, laminate one floor, add new skirting and fill the largest skip ever!  Phew!

    My office is also coming along nicely.  The bedroom of our old house was turning into my stockroom with boxes appearing everywhere and the bed/floor was my packing station/office.  It was definitely not very practical.  Thankfully (and very luckily) I now have a converted garage room which makes a rather roomy office space.  I have so far installed a white corner desk/packing station, two sets of white/colourful storage units and a totally amazing purple fake leather quilted office chair.  I’m feeling very at home in my new work space already even though the walls still need painting, lights changing and decor purchasing!

    I also could not blog as our internet was not installed.  It was due to be installed two Mondays ago when an engineer came out to fix a phone line.  I rely on the internet for my blog and online shop so we ensured we booked the installation as soon as we found out our move date.  Sky told us everything was in working order the next day even sending a text to say our broadband was active.  Well, we had nothing, not even a dial tone.  After several calls and a lady thankfully looking through all the notes, we discovered the engineer noted he couldn’t complete the job as we needed to go out; a total load of rubbish as we were home all day and evening.  The time of his note was 4.45pm so it would appear he just wanted to clock off for the day.  What cheek!  Another engineer was sent out one week later, but still no internet!  Luckily a third came today who actually fixed the problem.  Yippee! 

    I finally feel connected to the outside world again.  We don’t even have 3G here (well a connection occasionally appears on our bathroom windowsill)!  It’s mad how much we rely on the internet nowadays.  We felt unable to do most things as we use it so much.  We needed plumbers, electricians, window cleaners, tilers, furniture, to update addresses, the lot!  Google would always usually be our first port of call for such things.  I jumped for joy when a Thomson Local fell through the door but was shocked to discover only one window cleaner listed!  I suppose everyone just lists themselves on the internet nowadays (just to add to our frustration).  How on earth did anyone cope before the internet and Google?!  Annoyingly I rang most companies to update my address only to be repeatedly told ‘You know it’s much quicker and easier to do this online’.  Yes thanks.  I do know.  Probably a lot cheaper than all these 08 calls from my mobile too!  Thanks for this well known info, sigh!

    All is well now.  Well, we still have a house load of work to do but I’m back online and in my totally fabulous new office!  I very much look forward to blogging and selling fab accessories from this new space, whilst also escaping from the madness of our building site resembling new house!