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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  My name is Victoria Sully.  I'm a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker who’s always trying to make and save more money.  I’m passionate about making money online, healthy living and blogging.  I’m a mama on a mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Please join me on my journey.

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  1. Home Decor: Boys Bedroom Toy Storage Solutions

    I don’t know about you, but I like a good toy sort out in the New Year, or if I’m super organised, pre Christmas!  I’m not sure if Bella will receive many this year, as she already has a fair few, but I have purchased Reuben a few new toys as he is coming out of the baby toy stage and needs toys he can manipulate.  I’ve got him a hammer shapes bench, shape sorter and play phone to name a few.

    We don’t yet have much toy storage for Reuben as he’s so far only had a small basket of baby toys.  I’ve been searching for some cool boy's toy storage ideas and here are my favourites:

    babyssimo racoon storage basket boys ideas solutions - lylia rose kids blog

    This awesome raccoon storage basket is from German website Babyssimo, where I can't actually understand a word, but I love it so much I had to include it here.  They do ship globally and converted it's around £28.12, so not too badly priced.


    personalised kids toy box plantabox lylia rose boys storage ideas toys uk

    Plantabox sell these cool personalised kids toy boxes for £36.95.  They are on wheels too which would be so handy!  The kids would have great fun wheeling their toys (or each other) around in this!

    rice denmark harbour medium foldable toy storage basket boys storage guide

    A little pricier at £54.95 from Rice of Denmark but totally worth it for the years of use it will get and just look at the amazing embroidery!  It's a great colour too.

    nortical red & blue striped storage tubs - £7.50 each lylia rose boys t

    These Nortical Red & Blue Striped Storage Tubs with anchor design are only £7.50 each from The Contemporary Home.

    plain brights storage cases oak room shop boys toy box ideas lylia rose

    Smaller bits and pieces will fit nicely into these Plain Brights Storage Cases from the Oak Room Shop.  They'd look fab stacked on top of a wardrobe or even on the floor.  Bella has a couple like this and she absolutely loves playing with her 'suitcase', packing it up for pretend travels and such!  £19.99 is pretty good for all three.

    lion canvas storage hamper the fine cotton company boys toy box ideas blog

    This Lion Canvas Storage Hamper is 100% cotton with a bright bold, cheery lion applique design.  It's £42, so at the higher price end, but I can't stop looking at his cheery face!  Find these at The Fine Cotton Company.





  2. angela chick illustration quirky cards uk - lylia rose shop


    Angela Chick Illustration

    As well as networking my own business on Twitter, I often discover other amazing businesses and often make purchases!  This was the case when I came across a pizza greetings card from Angela Chick Illustrations.

    Me and Ben are united in our love for pizza.  It’s the perfect quirky anniversary card which he’ll be receiving next year.  It is still a few months away, but I just had to purchase it when I saw it!  Ben, being a bloke, is not that bothered by cards, but I think he’ll like this one!

    Angela also kindly sent me this humorous Christmas card which Ben will now be receiving for Christmas!  Isn’t it great!

    To view Angela’s entire range simply pop along to


  3. Christmas is definitely the perfect excuse for most to feast on naughty snacks and goodies, but for those who are SO good they won’t, or who usually like to eat as healthy as possible, here are my top picks for Superfood Christmas Gifts:

    feel good gift set christmas aduna baobab moringa powder bar healthy presen

    Aduna: Feel Good Gift Box (Small) £19.76

    I am a big advocate of this company and have blogged serveral times about their bars and powders.   This gift box has it all.

    They say:  'Aduna, the Africa-inspired health and beauty brand, presents the ultimate Christmas gift for the healthista in your life.  The Christmas gift set contains Aduna’s award-winning superfood powders and raw energy bars, making this the perfect gift or stocking filler.’

    flowbox vegan & gluten free christmas hamper healthy gift 

    The Goodness Project: Vegan & Gluten-free Christmas Gift Hamper £34.95

    Ooh this looks great!  I receive a vegan box monthly from this company and I’m always so impressed with the products.  I’ve discovered so many fabulous brands.  This is the perfect goodie box for any vegan or gluten-free friend. 

    They say: ‘Whether it is for yourself or sending it as a gift, this beautifully packaged Christmas Gift Hamper is sure to impress! We have spent months curating this special gift box, bringing the very best vegan and gluten-free treats for you to enjoy this festive season. From delicious truffles to luxurious teas, this hamper has got everything you need to indulge yourself or your loved ones this Christmas!’

     christmas bestsellers gift box inspiral snacks gift present healthy

    inSpiral: Christmas Best Sellers Gift Box £19.95

    This box is a total bargain as you get TEN of inSpiral’s scrumptious goodies.  I’ve tried a few of their makes and I’m always impressed.  They are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.  They don’t use cane sugar and there are no nasty ingredients.  I’d be super impressed with this box for Christmas.

    They say: ‘A limited edition Christmas exclusive gift box featuring 10 of the most popular products made by inSpiral. Packed full of natural, yummy treats, this is a present guaranteed to make that somebody’s Christmas extra special.’

    nakd christmas cracker gift healthy wholefood - lylia rose guide 

    Nakd: Christmas Cracker £15.95

    Ooh I love Nakd bars!  I usually eat at least a bar a day.  My favourite at the moment is cashew cookie – it’s so gooey and sticky and scrumptious.  It tastes so naughty, yet only contains dates and cashews!  These crackers are fab.  You get THREE for this price – amazing!

    They say: ‘Christmas is all about eating delicious things and having a good time, so grab yourself our brand-new Nakd Christmas Cracker and enjoy some brilliantly wholesome yuletide yumminess. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, unwrapping this trio of tasty treats gives you eight of our awesome Nakd Bars that are bursting with good cheer and natural nutrition.’


  4. I'm an advocate for healthy eating and a mainly whole food plant based diet.  I believe there is nothing more important than what you put in (and on) your body.  If you eat well nearly all the time (I just have treat night Fridays), you will not have to worry about your health, weight, sleep and general mood as you'll look and feel consistently great.Here are four of my favourite inspirational eating well quotes (pictures taken from the internet).  I always think of these when making my food choices and it definitely helps me to make better ones!

    lylia rose food for thought healthy quotes blog post

    lylia rose food for thought healthy quotes blog

    lylia rose food for thought healthy quotes blog posts

    lylia rose food for thought healthy quotes blogger post


  5. Why adding a garden room is a great investment

    Have you ever considered adding an extra room to your house by creating one in your garden?  Imagine the possibilities of all that extra space - a dedicated room for your hobbies, a garden gym or even a space for family to stay.  More and more people are converting sheds and garages, but I've got my eye on a wooden retreat at the bottom of our garden.  Our very own luxurious log cabin for paying guests to come and stay.

    I also have lots of other ideas for a garden room and it got me thinking about how I first started my home business with no extra space at all!  Read on to hear how I used to run my online boutique from my bed and for more ideas of how to use a garden room.

    future rooms blog post lylia rose garden room ideas office workshop guest hPicture from Future Rooms, Gloucestershire

    I was thinking just the other day about my first ‘office’ or rather non office when I started Lylia Rose.  We lived in a two bed split level apartment in the beginning and I stored stock in our bedroom drawers, in tubs on the wardrobe, in the wardrobe and under the bed. 

    After Bella had gone to bed I would get all my tubs of stock and packaging out and they would surround me on the floor.  I’d then sit/kneel on the floor with my laptop on my ‘desk’ aka my bed, tapping away networking and packaging orders!  It was quite a scene as you can imagine, but the only available space for me to run my business at this time.

    Once we moved home I knew I needed more space.  We made sure we only looked for properties with an extra room for my work or at least storage space.  Luckily we purchased a property with a converted garage so I could finally create a real home office and motivating work space.  It’s made such a difference allowing me to have a spacious corner desk, plenty of packaging to hand around me, plus valuable storage space for stock allowing me to increase my range.

    I really don’t think I could have gone much further with my business without having a dedicated space.  There really wasn’t much more space under the bed or in the wardrobe without me giving away all of my clothes! 

    For those without such precious space, but a good outside space, these garden rooms by Future Rooms are absolutely ideal!  How perfect would this be at the bottom of the garden as an office?  I think they are just excellent and I’m always drawn to their tweets and enjoy browsing their creations.  It would be just great to have a totally separate area from the house to call work hidden at the bottom of the garden!  Like a man cave, but my work cave!

    My ideas for our future garden room also include:

    • Soft play/kids zone for my little ones, how totally awesome would that be! 
    • Workshop for Ben as he dreams of making furniture from wood.
    • ‘Ben’s Den’ – a man cave for him so he can also have his own space every now and then, as well as choose his own décor in at least one room :P
    • Summer room – an extra chill out living space in the summer with decking and a hot tub… and I’m getting carried away, right?!
    • A mini guest house – this is my favourite idea.  It would obviously need a toilet and mini kitchen, or I suppose it could be ‘room only’ (with a loo), and we could advertise it on Air BnB or similar and allow paying guests to stay for the night!  We have a side gate with a key, so they even have their own access.  It would be great for meeting people and provide extra income.

    As you can tell, I’ve really been thinking about one and all the options for their use.  What would you use a garden room for?

    To view Future Rooms amazing creations and find out more, visit