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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  I'm Victoria Sully, a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker.  I’m passionate about making money online, saving money, self-employment, healthy living and blogging.  I’m on a personal mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Thank you so much for joining me.


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  1.  vigilant eats superfood cereal goji-cacao review - lylia rose healthy food
    vigilant eats superfood cereal goji-cacao review - lylia rose healthy food
    Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal | Goji-Cacao Review!
    I just ate the tastiest cereal I have EVER tasted.  I hate to admit it, but it's even tastier than my DIY Super Muesli (which is awfully good and my blog post for that one is soon to be uploaded!).  This Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal in Goji-Cacao cereal pot was in my May Flowbox and I've just pretty much swallowed it!  It was so, so good!
    I wasn't expecting so much flavour and was really wowed by the first mouthful.  A total explosion of deep satisfying flavour in my mouth, all from natural organic foods and superfoods too!  
    The cacao nibs are incredible! They add a really powerful dark chocolate flavour and a good firm bite, just like chocolate chips but sooooo good for you!  You know I'm now going to have to buy a packet of cacao nibs!! I use cacao powder and cacao covered dried superfruits pretty much every day so it's about time I expand my cacao collection!
    The goji berries add the next most satisfying and noticeable flavour and texture.  I'm always banging on about how much I like these berries. The colour, flavour, texture, benefits... I could go on all day about these lovelies.  I did realise I'd been pronouncing them incorrectly the other day! I was saying 'godjee' and it should be 'gojee' without the 'd' sound.  Oops.  Google pronunciation videos are my new best friend!
    I chucked this cereal into a bowl with Rude Health Oat Drink as I was at home.  They do come in travel size pots with hemp powder included, so you can simply add cold water on the go, at work, in the car, on a plane, at a picnic... anywhere!
    The take these anywhere idea is totally fab, but what I would really like is a great big box of these in my cereal cupboard!
  2. frank honest snacking healthy chocolate bar - lylia rose food blog post

    frank honest snacking healthy chocolate bar - lylia rose food blogger post

    FRANK* Honest Snacking Bars Review

    This month I received my very first subscription vegan Flowbox and the very first things I ate were these FRANK* Honest Snacking Chocolate Bars.  One was double chocolate flavour, the other strawberry and chocolate.

    Firstly, I love their name! 'Frank, Honest'!  It's got to be a reference to them containing 100% natural ingredients such as whole grains, gluten-free oats and dried fruit.  No sign of any rubbish or nasties!  Even the chocolate is dairy free, it's a coconut cream and cocoa mix. Delicious!

    My favourite of the two was the strawberry version.  It had a genuine scrumptious strawberry flavour to it, not an overpowering fake flavour like some foods.  This combined with the deep cocoa flavour really satisfied my sweet & chocolate craving. 

    The bars are surprisingly filling.  Probably the most filling healthy chocolate bars I've tried to date.  The bars did seem a little dry on the inside which would be my only criticism.  If they were more moist they would be perfect!  This wouldn't stop me buying them though, in fact I've ordered a box of blueberry to try as they're currently selling some short dated stock very cheaply! 


  3. green kale aduna moringa juice fruit homemade - lylia rose food natural blog

    Green Kale & Moringa Juice Recipe

    The powder is a super luscious green, so it's juices and smoothies all the way for me with this stuff!  Juices are often really hit or miss when mixing veg, fruit and salad, but here's a combination that worked amazingly:
    3 Pears
    1 Apple
    2 Kiwis
    10 Big Green Kale Leaves
    1/2 Cucumber
    10 Drops Lemon Juice
    2 Teaspoons Moringa
    1 Teaspoons Wheatgrass
    This scrumptious green juice recipe makes enough for five small glasses. I kept mine in the fridge for two days and the taste stayed great.
    I juiced the fruit and veg first.  Then I used a blender to blend the juice, powders and lemon juice.  A really smooth delicious green juice which is nice and sweet and not too vegetable tasting/based.
    I make smoothies way more than juices, as they are better for you by retaining more of the fruit and fibre, but it's nice to enjoy a good juice every once in a while!
  4. eco diva ultimate eco cleaner mascot - lylia rose lifestyle blog - natural
    Ultimate Eco Cleaner | Eco Diva Review
    Once I started to care more about what I put in and on my body, it was only natural for me to start wondering about what I breathe into my body.  I first stopped using a plug-in air freshener last year as I am certain it was making my throat sore. I now use scented candles and sticks instead.  I next started to worry about the surface sprays I so regularly used, which had a pretty noticeable chemical smell.  It just can't be good to breathe these in several times a day.  I'd also much rather my toddler and baby weren't breathing in any unnecessary chemicals too.  I began to change over to more natural plant-based cleaning products a few months back, so was very keen to review Eco Diva's Ultimate Eco Cleaner when offered.
    The best thing about the Eco Diva Ultimate Cleaner is the fact it comes in a concentrated bottle.  One bottle of concentrate makes 14 whole spray bottles.  There's no need to worry about buying cleaner for months, plus you also reduce plastic production and consumption.  This is so much more environmentally friendly and the way all similar products should be made going forward.
    It does seem quite expensive at first to buy the starter pack or the concentrate, but when you think about how many bottles you get, it's actually cheaper in the long run.  I was easily spending £2-£3 on other environmentally friendly surface cleaners, so up to £42 for 14 bottles.  This means I can make a saving of at least 50% by switching to Eco Diva, whilst also benefiting my health and the environment.
    The ingredients are: Aqua, Plant Extract, Palm extract, Corn / Coconut / Palm Oil blend, Citrus aurantium dulcis extract, Lime extract, Benzalkonium chloride (preservative, <0.1%).  How good is that?!  The only questionable one is a tiny bit of preservative, but it's such a tiny amount and is needed to stop the product going bad.  Eco Diva have used the best possible preservative they could find.  This ingredient list is a zillion times better than most others.  I'd rather breathe this in!
    eco diva ultimate eco cleaner mascot - lylia rose lifestyle blog - natural
    I've been using my Eco Diva cleaning spray for just over a week now and it's totally fab. It's multi purpose, so is really several products in one.  I've used it on kitchen sides, cupboard fronts, tables, windows, mirrors, doors, floors... Everywhere really!  It has a pleasant fresh clean lemony scent and isn't nasty to breath, even if spraying loads!  It sprays really well too, unlike some other spray bottles I have at the moment which just dribble out!  I use paper towels when I clean, but I do recommend using the high quality cloths provided for sparkly windows.  The shining cloth is superb!  To watch their YouTube video guides just click here.
    Not only are eco cleaning products better for our own health, they are also better for the environment.  Eco Diva is plant-based, free from nasties and biodegradable which helps to cut water and land pollution.  The concentrated solution means fourteen times less plastic bottles will end up in landfills.  I really can't see any reason not to make the switch!
  5. bubabloon safe balloon cover - lylia rose blog review - mummy blogger

    'The Fabric Balloon Cover For Babies & Children'

    BUBABLOON, a new company I found on Twitter, kindly offered to send me their product to review.  The 'Bubabloon' looked like something both Bella and Reuben (and me and Ben!) would enjoy so I gladly accepted.
    The Bubabloon is a funky material cover for a regular balloon. It comes in assorted fun patterned fabrics.  This cool case makes the balloon safer for play by preventing it from popping.  It allows the child to enjoy balloon play without the danger element.  If the balloon dues magically pop, it's inside the fabric so no there will be no nasty injuries.  
    I watched their promo video which makes them look so much fun for all different ages.  The video even shows children bouncing on the Bubabloons without them popping.  This I just had to see!
    Bella (very nearly three years old) was very intrigued when it arrived.  'What's that Mum, what's that Mum? It's a balloon!'.  She really was excited enough by the packet of plain balloons which were included!  We were sent a fabulous bright turquoise blue Bubabloon with fun polka dots.  Coincidentally, this was the perfect choice for us as it matches our accent colour in the living room!
    bubabloon safe balloon cover pouch- lylia rose blog review - mummy blogger
    bubabloon safe balloon cover photo - lylia rose blog review - mummy blogger
    bubabloon safe balloon cover kids - lylia rose blog review - mummy blogger
    You simply insert a balloon into the opening of the fabric, blow it up, tie a knot (or two as I do), hide your knot under the fabric & voilà, you have a Bubabloon!
    These really are just as fun as the video!  They stay super light like a balloon so the effect of balloon play is not lost at all.  You can bounce it, throw it, bash it, anything you like! Bella went wild rolling around on the rug bouncing on it and trying to balance lying on it, having an absolute whale of a time!  It was hard to get a picture as she was having so much fun!
    I was a little sceptical of how good this product would be, but it's actually amazing.  Bella has been jumping up and down on the balloon for a few days now and it's amazingly not popped. It's like a super bouncy mini space hopper!  I'd absolutely love to fill a room with these like their promo video.  It would be the ultimate kids party for many ages.  Everyone loves balloons and these make them even better!
    It's so lightweight I've been able to pop it on Reuben's belly (now 8 weeks old) and let him touch it without fear of a balloon bursting in his face.  He loves looking at the bright contrasting pattern.  In a couple more weeks I'm sure he'll be holding it and bashing at it by himself.
    So Bubabloon, thank you for sending me this great item, and yes I am super impressed!  It's a really fab idea which gives hours of fun for a variety of ages.  I'm sure it will be enjoyed in our household for years to come!  Fab!
    You can visit their website at