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Stripping Back My Blog

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stripping back my blog - lylia rose blogging update

I recently deleted around 150 blog posts.  I decided to refine my blog and look at every single blog post to see if it was still ‘me’.  It was a process that took a few weeks as I had rather a lot of blog posts, way more than I thought I had, which was quite a surprise.

I’d been thinking about doing this refining process since writing the blog post ‘Gosh!  How I have changed since starting this blog…’ back in January.  (Just click to read).  I’d been putting it off as I knew it would be a mammoth task.  I also wasn’t sure whether I wanted to keep a lot of my old posts so I could see the change in myself, my writing, my interests, etc.  But I realised I didn’t want someone to stumble across one of my old posts and think I back a product when I no longer do.  As you can see by my blog post above, I no longer use beauty products containing many nasty chemicals and choose the most natural products I can.  This means I would no longer recommend a lot of the items in beauty blog posts from two years or so back, so I made the decision to delete these.

I have kept only the posts that I still agree with, or which still reflect me then without recommending something I now disagree with.  I also kept most of my fashion/outfit posts, but I took away the text.  I have left the text for a couple of brands I collaborated with, but the rest are now simply photos called ‘Simply My Style’.  When I look at fashion blogs I like to look at the photos.  If I’m honest, I just flick through the photos, stopping and staring at any I like!  I never read the text.  I’m not sure who would have wanted to read my 250+ words about how I thought an outfit looked or felt.  There’s only so much you can say about clothes.  I think a visual says so much more.

When I started my blog I wasn’t really sure what to blog about.  I wanted more traffic to my website to raise awareness of my fashion accessories boutique and this was my main aim.  At the time I worked evenings in a very popular health and beauty store.  Being surrounded by all these products made them hard to resist, so I often purchased beauty items weekly, which gave me lots of things to blog about.  I’ve always loved clothes and my own style so it seemed natural at first to blog about fashion and beauty.  It also seemed to fit well with selling pretty accessories.  But, if I’m honest, I never really felt very passionate about it.  I felt like I was just churning out blog post after blog post saying pretty much the same thing.

It was quite a change to start blogging about the things that matter to me and my blog took quite a turn.  I worried that the new themes (family, food, lifestyle) didn’t really have much to do with selling ladies accessories.  But then I had a realisation and thought this is MY blog.  It’s for me mainly.  Not for a search engine, not for money and now not even really for my shop.  Blogging has become something I really enjoy and I want to blog about the things I am passionate about.  It’s now my very own online scrapbook of family updates, products I really recommend, successful recipes, health and nutrition (a great interest of mine) and anything else I want to document. 

I feel like my blog has really come into its own now and I’m much happier with the content.   My blog has become its own thing, separate from my online store, but just in the same place!  I did think about separating the two, but I actually think it’s kind of great having it all in one place.  My very own little space on the internet - a scrapbook of me, plus a little shop selling wonderful things to make people feel beautiful.   I hope it’s also fab for my shop customers to find out more about me and my interests, to see the real person behind the business.  My blog is to document things I love and our little life, but if others enjoy reading it, well, that's really a huge compliment and bonus.

So, this is why I have stripped back my blog. To make it more mine and relevant to my interests and beliefs today.  I hope you’ll continue to enjoy as I continue into a healthier, happier and more natural future!