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3 ingredient healthy homemade ice lollies

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It’s so easy to make homemade vegan ice lollies!  This simple ice lolly recipe is super quick to make and only needs three ingredients!  It makes perfect homemade ice lollies for toddlers and adults alike using only natural, healthy and delicious ingredients.

Homemade ice lollies made with fresh fruit ingredients have so much more flavour too.  They are juicy and delicious!  Plus you get to benefit from all their nutrients and don't have to worry about added sugar or weird unnatural additives.

Here’s the simplest recipe and method for making refreshing and healthy raspberry, banana and coconut cooling ice lollies.


  • 2 Mugs Raspberries (ours were freshly picked from the garden!)
  • 2 Bananas ( I love Abel and Cole organic bananas)
  • 500ml Coconut drink (I used Rude Health’s Organic Coconut Drink, but you can use your favourite plant based milk)


  1. Pop it in your blender (mine went into a large Nutri Ninja cup) and pulse until smooth
  2. Pour into ice lolly moulds, freeze until set and enjoy

Warning - best served outside if you have a three year old!

I had a bit of mixture left over, so Bella and I enjoyed a tasty smoothie whilst we waited for our ice lollies to freeze.  This recipe makes an equally delicious smoothie!

The cool ice lolly moulds are from ProCook.  

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The best smoothie maker!

My favourite kitchen smoothie maker is my Nutri Ninja.  It's by far the best piece of kitchen equipment I've purchased and I use it at least once a day.  It's great for smoothies, milkshakes and even making a super smooth batter in two seconds!  I highly recommend this.  It's what I used to blend the ingredients to make these delicious smoothie ice lollies!
It's super easy to clean too, just rinse out once done.
Mine has been going strong for years and is still just as powerful as when I first bought it!