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Five other ways to use your fashion scarf

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You can, of course, wear your fashion scarves for their intended use, as a scarf(!), but there are several other uses for these beautiful pieces of material!

Here are five other fabulous ways to use your printed scarf:

  1. Sarong – A great wrap or sarong over your swimming outfit in the garden or at the beach.  A colourful bright print would look fabulous on your summer holiday.  No need to buy a sarong, just use your favourite lightweight scarf instead!
  2. Breast feeding cover – having just finished nursing my second child, my scarves were a lifesaver!  Never usually leaving the house without keeping my neck cosy, I was able to shelter my baby and protect my modesty by covering baby’s head with a beautiful scarf. (If you want to whip them out though, feel free, I take no offence to however people wish to feed their own baby!)
  3. Photo backdrop – I must admit this is not my own idea.  I sent a scarf to a blogger recently and they told me they had also used it as a backdrop to their beauty products for a blog post.  What an excellent idea!  I just had to share it as I can’t believe I have never thought of this myself!
  4. Voile for a small window – If you have a dinky window somewhere a pretty scarf could make the perfect voile!    Loop it over a mini curtain pole, drape to the side and tie in a knot.  Or if you no longer use the scarf and are good at sewing, cut to size and sew the hems in.  Beautiful!
  5. Pretty dresser table runner – a printed scarf would look fabulous laid out over your bedroom dresser in a runner style.  Then simply pop your jewellery stands, perfume and trinkets in a lovely arrangement on top.

I’m already thinking up more amazing ways to use your Lylia Rose scarves and may post another blog soon!