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My favourite Twitter small business networking hashtag hours

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A List of My Favourite Twitter Networking # Hours (for my small home business)

A question I am often asked is which business networking hours do I use on Twitter. 

This list of Twitter hashtag hours is in no way at all extensive, as there are loads and loads of networking hours.  But these are the ones I regularly use and can recommend.  I have them in a big colour coded spreadsheet which is easy to view each day and time.

Please remember to take into account I’m a female Mum in business, based in Gloucestershire, England, UK!   Also, some of the hours I use are because I've won certain 'Twitter Awards'.  The names of most of the hours are pretty self explanatory for who they are aimed at.

There are lots of other hours out there that may be more relevant to your business and networking needs if these don’t fit.

You’ll often find me participating in these hours, sometimes in several per day, sometimes in just one or two depending on my schedule!  They are all super friendly and supportive.  These hours can come and go though, so make sure you're active in them to see which are still running and which work for you.

There are lots of local networking hours, for all regions I believe, so you may want to find the ones that are relevant for your region , especially if your service/product is local only.

Remember to follow the hosts of the hours, engage with others and return retweets as much as possible.

Monday – Friday Daily Networking Hours:
7am #earlybiz
11am #elevenseshour
12pm #ukbusinesslunch
1pm #1pmlunch
2pm #bizhour
6pm #womaninbiz #wineoclock
9pm #uklatehour

7am #bizforbreakfast
7pm #smartnetworking
8pm #worcestershirehour (retweets by the host are for locals only)
8pm #gifthour
8pm #nmummieshour
8pm #mumshour
8.30pm #buyonlinehour
9pm #britishbizhour

8.30pm #sbswinnershour (exclusively for @theopaphitis #SBS winners)

12pm  #worcestershirehour (retweets by the host are for locals only)
8pm #midlandshour
8pm #gloshour
8.30pm #forestofdeanhour
9pm #royalconnectionhour (exclusively for winners of @ADG_IQ #queenof and #kingof)

7pm #ladiescoffeehour
7pm #smartnetworking
8pm #southwesthour
8pm #ukbusinesshour
8.30pm #twittersisters

2pm #eshopsukhour (for small eshops)
3pm #cakeclubhour

7pm #womaninbizhour
7pm #ladiescoffeehour
8pm #brumhour
8pm #sundayhour
9pm #englandhour