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The top 3 spring + summer hairstyles

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Styling your tresses can be tricky, especially if you’re not a hairdressing expert, and with the warmer months coming up, it’s likely you’ll be looking for some up-to-date hairdo’s to try out. Let’s have a look at three of the top hairstyles that are going to be popular this spring and summer.

1. Messy beach waves

Giving yourself some messy beach waves could the perfect complement to your spring/summer style. This hairdo can work well on just about any length, so even if you have a bob or your tresses cascade down your back, you should find it easy to style your hair in this way.To start, use a pair of hair curlers to give yourself some bouncy waves. When you’re happy with the result, run your fingers through your locks to loosen them up. For added volume, you could use some styling mousse too. There are various mousse products available, so you could check out the shelves at your local beauty shop or browse a health retailer website like Lloyds Pharmacy to find one that’s perfectly suited to you and your hair type.

 2. Straight and chic

If you want to remain poised and refined all the way through spring and summer, you could adopt a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle. Wearing your hair straight not only looks great, but it’s an easy style to achieve and maintain. To create this look, you should start by making sure your locks are completely dry and you may want to use a heat defence spray. This will make it smoother and easier to straighten, and it will also protect your barnet from split ends and breakages. Next, you should take a pair of hair straighteners and run these through your tresses. So that you can ensure each section of your hair is beautifully straight, you could divide your locks into segments. Taking the time to pull the straighteners through each section from root to tip should leave you with a gorgeously smooth, silky and chic hairstyle. To keep it in place, you could also spritz on some hairspray.

3. Half up, half down

A half up, half down do could be the hairstyle you’ve been looking for. Laidback and effortlessly cool, the idea is to pull the front of your locks up and away from your face, whilst the back of your hair is free to remain down. To begin, you should take an even section of hair from each side and pull this towards the back of your head. If your tresses are layered, you could take the first couple of short layers, or if it’s all one length, separate the top section. You will then need to fix these parts to the back of your head. Whether you choose to pin your locks back, plait them together or create a cute ponytail, this style should keep your hair in place and out of your way. Leave the rest of your tresses down and push them back over your shoulders so you can benefit from a pretty hairstyle that won’t bother you throughout the day, particularly during the warmer months.

Styling your locks can be much easier than you think, especially if you take some of these top tips into consideration.