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A delicious alternative to drinking squash

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Thirst quenching fruity apple, kiwi and raspberry water Lylia Rose Food Blog Recipe Alternative to Squash

Thirst quenching fruity apple, kiwi and raspberry water

I can’t really remember when I stopped drinking squash, but it was a long time ago.  I think I remember last drinking it when me and Ben lived in our old house,  so perhaps three or four years ago.  I’ve always been a fan of water anyway so never felt the need to always flavour my water.  I also read something interesting which said water is the only drink to hydrate you immediately as you have to digest anything else.  This always sticks in my mind when I’m thirsty.

I also stopped drinking it because of the horrific sweetener aspartame.  I did hear aspartame had been banned in America, but I can’t find if this is true.  It’s definitely banned in some countries in children’s food though, which makes it alarming it’s still accepted in other food in the UK.   It causes the most awful things to happen to the human body.  You can research more online.

This terrible ingredient is in lots of squash drinks, diet fizzy drinks, chewing gum and more.  The potential side effects short term and risks with a build-up of this awful poison are horrendous and it is definitely worth avoiding.  A friend of ours suffered with terrible headaches and said once they cut our squash (which they regularly drank) the headaches quickly disappeared!

Thirst quenching fruity apple, kiwi and raspberry water Lylia Rose Food Blog Recipe Alternative to Squash

The perfect alternative to squash recipe

I’m quite happy mostly drinking water, but just the other day I was strangely craving a juicy drink!  I never usually have such a craving, but a squash would have hit the spot perfectly.  We have none in the house and even if we did, I wouldn’t drink it.  I then had a perfect idea.

I had a packet of Indigo Herbs Super Vital Mix in the cupboard (a blend of baobab, acai and beetroot powders) and Nutriseed Raspberry Powder (yum).  I blended a heaped teaspoon of each with one sliced apple, a peeled kiwi  and 250(ish)ml water in my small Nutri Ninja cup.  The result was a delicious, nutritious, healthy drink!  The perfect natural alternative to squash should you crave a squash like drink, but want to avoid the terrible ingredients in store bought squash!