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Beginner knitting projects to unleash your inner creativity

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If you are looking for a new (and now even cool) way to release your inner creative spark, perhaps knitting could be for you.  Stop right there if the thought of knitting only conjures up images of your Gran in a rocking chair cosied up with blankets and knitting needles sticking out of her silver bun, because knitting is making a comeback with all ages enjoying its many pleasures. 

With the likes of Etsy and Folksy growing in popularity as buyers grow tired of mass produced products and seek alternative unique handmade goods, knitting is fast becoming a popular hobby and even an entrepreneurial career for those who make selling a success on such handmade marketplaces.

One of the best things about knitting is you can do it anywhere.  You can even multitask and sit and knit whilst watching your favourite TV programmes in the evening next to the fire with a mug of tea.  You can also take your knitting with you.  Are you going to be a passenger on a long car journey or have a terribly dreaded boring train ride to endure?  Fear not, just pack up your needles and yarn and knit away whilst taking in the passing scenery.  It’s the perfect way to unwind and mindfully relax whilst also keeping your brain active.  As well as being incredibly creative, there are so many more positives to this hobby.

If you are still struggling to see how knitting could be for you or you’re still put off at the thought of getting in a woolly tangle with those pesky knitting needles, here are five creative knitting ideas you may not have thought of and you may not even need needles.

Knit a cosy scarf using your arms

Unbelievably you can make a scarf in as little as 15 minutes without any knitting needles in site.  Just search on YouTube and you’ll find no end of videos with step by step instructions.  You simply use your arms to loose knit an infinity scarf in virtually no time at all.  If you’re short on time , but want to challenge yourself with a  creative new hobby, knitting could be just the thing for you.

Knit a warming throw using a table and your hands

Cut your heating bills and arm knit a cosy blanket to snuggle under this winter season.  Using super soft and impressively large merino wool yarn it is entirely possible to arm knit, or rather ‘hand and table knit’ a gorgeous fluffy blanket or amazingly chunky scarf.

Create unique knitted wall hangings

Art isn’t just about pretty paintings on canvas or clay sculptures.  Get arty by creating your very own knitted wall hanging.  Simply hang a gorgeous piece of your favourite knitting proudly from a branch and bring your walls to life.  These would make perfect unique handmade gifts for friends and family too.

Knit a plant pot

We’ve all seen those buttoned up knitted hugs for mugs, but why not go one step further and knit a plant pot cosy?  For indoors of course, unless you have some magical waterproof and weather resistant fabric, then go wild and cover your patio pots in your knitted creations too!  For a cool 70s vibe you can even discover patterns to knit your own plant hangers.  Add a glass terrarium and voila – a total focal point and great conversation starter.

Finger knit a spectacular woven rug

You read that correctly, yes.  You can even knit yourself a rug!  Not only can you clothe yourself, cover your bed, add art to your walls, create gifts for loved ones, sell your wares online, enjoy yourself and take up a mindful hobby, oh no that’s not all – now you can also carpet your floors by knitting!  Who’d have thought?  Plus you can skip the knitting needles and use your very own fingers to make such a delight.

Final word

As you can see, there is so much more to knitting than one might first imagine.  You really can use knitting to release your inner creativity and make almost anything your heart desires.  If you can imagine it knitted then there’s no doubt a knitting tutorial out there for it!  Why not grab yourself some wool in your favourite colours, search for free knitting patterns or tutorials and create something wonderful for yourself or your home?  Knitting is a hobby and skill you will cherish for years to come.