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Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E Oil review

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Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E Oil Review

Only recently have I started to use serums and oils on my face as part of a daily routine.  As I get older (now starting the journey into my 30s), I am noticing more wrinkles and tired looking skin.  I do my best to eat super healthily every day and exercise, but sometimes I need something extra to help nourish my aging skin.  Enough sleep will probably do the trick one day, but with a four year old and one year old who rarely sleep through, a good night’s sleep is still a faraway dream.  To give my skin the TLC it so very much needs, I have recently been using a variety of different oils including argan and retinol, so was thrilled to be offered Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E Oil for review.

The oil is currently on sale on Amazon for only £12.95 for a rather beefy 120ml bottle.  It’s the largest bottle of oil I’ve ever had so it will last an impressively long time.  I find you only need to use the smallest of amounts with oil, or else you’ll get an undesirable greasy shine all over! 

If you’re wondering where the pipette is, it’s in the other side of the cardboard box, hidden under the cardboard!  I think I was a bit dumb here.  I wondered where the dispenser was and poured far too much on a cotton wool pad.  Thinking I must have missed something, I dug the box from the recycling and luckily found the pipette (it’s very lightweight so that’s my excuse!).

I’ve been using the oil for the best part of one week now and I’m already impressed.  It’s my eyes that are most wrinkly with drawn skin around, so I sweep a cotton pad sprinkled with a few drops of the vitamin E oil over my cheekbones and up past the sides of my eyes.  I’ve been doing this just before bed after cleansing and toning to allow the oil to seep in throughout the night, and also again in the morning just before I put my make up on. 

During the day it also acts as a highlighter leaving a healthy gleam which shines through my BB cream showing off some very happy skin.  In the mornings I notice my skin looks so much more refreshed, glowing and supple.  So much more so than if I were to only cleanse and tone, which often leaves my skin feeling dry and unpleasantly taut.  This is the first Eden’s Semilla product I have ever used and I will certainly use more again.  I’ll be using this bottle until the very last drop as it’s already making such a noticeable improvement to my facial skin. 

The oil is derived from plants so is a natural source of vitamin E rather than a horrible synthetic version.  As vitamin E is super sticky in its original form, no less than 25% is blended with jojoba and rosehip oil to give the perfect consistency.  Meaning benefits for skin from 3 wonderful natural oils, instead of just one.