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How to safely remove your embarrassing tattoos

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When I had my tattoos I thought they were for life.  That’s why getting a tattoo is such a big decision – it’s there every day.  You cannot choose to take it off or wipe it away should you change your mind.  It’s a big decision and one you don’t want to regret at a later stage in your life. However, many of us do take the plunge as soon as we are 18 and legally old enough to consent to a tattoo, and what we like when we are 18 years old, we may not quite like so much when age 30 or so.

Luckily there are now several options to remove embarrassing or unwanted tattoos, so fear not!  One of the most effective ways to rid yourself of that unwanted ink is by laser tattoo removal in London.  Pulse Light Clinic uses the latest laser technology to safely break down the ink in the tattoo so it can be easily absorbed by the body.  Much better than other crazy methods used such as cutting the tattoo out (seriously?!) or using acid to burn it away (again- really?!). 

Lasers have of course been around for a while, but the older laser treatments can be really painful and take up to 20 sessions to successfully remove a tattoo; super costly, super painful and super inconvenient.  The new Picosure and PicoWay lasers can remove a tattoo in as few as 3-8 treatments costing from only £70 a go.  Not too bad at all if that tattoo has become the bane of your life.

Is it painful?  Probably the most important and most asked question for those considering tattoo removal I’m sure.  On their website they say patients say it’s like being pinged with an elastic band!  Ouch, but no pain no gain!  Everyone’s pain threshold is different.  I have a friend who says she’s rather give birth than get a tattoo again, yet for me I’d choose a tattoo over labour any day!

Do you have a tattoo you’d rather not have?

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