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How to exchange your leftover foreign holiday currency, coins too! *

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Isn’t it such a pain when you come back from a holiday abroad and you have a bag of useless foreign coins?  Not that money is ever really useless, after all it is money.  But unless you are going back to the same country where you can spend it then there’s not anything you can do with it once home.  Annoyingly, every time I’ve returned from abroad and visited a foreign exchange counter they will not accept any coins, only notes.  I’m writing this blog post to tell you how to exchange foreign coins too.  There is now a really easy way to convert all of your foreign currency.

My husband and I regularly visit Germany as he has family there.  For about three years we had a bag of approximately 50 Euros just sitting in our cupboard.  We forgot to take it with us on a couple of trips; always realising we had left it a home once arriving in Germany!  In the end, once we finally remembered about this bag of coins, we gave them to a German family member.  After all, they were of no use to us in the UK.  Or so we thought!  If only I had known about the amazing website ‘Leftover Currency’ we would have been able to easily exchange Euros including coins!

At you can convert all of your foreign currency back into spendable cash quickly and conveniently.  By ‘all’ I mean notes, coins and obsolete currency!  Leftover Currency impressively accepts currency no longer in circulation.  They are by far the most comprehensive foreign currency exchange platform I have come across.  If you are a keen traveller it’s now time to check out your drawers and find those notes you once thought were of no use and get your money back!

The process is simple too:

  1. Browse the accepted currencies on the website as if you were shopping for it and add to your cart what you have.  Your shopping cart will show the total price, but the awesome part is this price is what you’ll be paid.  If you love form filling then you can skip this part and fill out a postal form instead, but I think the shopping cart feature is way more fun.
  2. Next, simply post your currency including your reference number or postal form.  This is perhaps the most off-putting part at first, but use a service such as Special Delivery to make this worry free.  Once your currency is received and checked, you’ll receive your money by whichever method you selected (PayPal, cheque or bank transfer) within 5 days.
  3. Spend your cash!

If you’re thinking of having a New Year type ‘Spring clean’ and declutter, then be sure to keep an eye out for all those foreign coins and notes you previously thought were unusable and give Leftover Currency a go!