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Save time and money on your laundry with Ecoegg

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As exciting as we are (now we’re in our 30s and enjoying married life), we decided for the second year running to not buy each other Christmas presents last year, but to instead buy a household appliance that we needed!  The bottomless washing pile was beginning to drive me slightly insane, especially as we entered winter and I could no longer dry the heaps of laundry we had outside. Our radiators were overflowing with wet washing making our home looked more cluttered than I liked and meaning housework stared back at me in every room.  Enough was enough and I decided we had to treat ourselves to a washer dryer to replace our washing machine. So our 2016 Christmas gift to ourselves was a brand new washer dryer!  (Last year was a dishwasher if you’re wondering…)

I've never had a dryer before and knew there was something great you could add to the washing to speed things up and soften the clothes.  These great things are called laundry eggs by a company called Ecoegg.  They recently contacted me to try some of their laundry products and I jumped at the chance.

Ecoegg Review Save money and time on your laundry and be eco friendly

Chemical Free Laundry

Since having a family and wanting to live a less chemical filled life for both my children and us, Ecoegg really are the solution to our laundry needs.  Eco friendly biodegradable products that are plant based with no toxic nasties. 

They are also made in such a clever way that they last FOREVER!  Just one of their laundry balls is enough to wash up to one year's worth of laundry!  The same goes with their dryer balls.  The dryer balls do actually last forever, but if you add a scent stick these will very rarely need replacing.

This all definitely sounds far too good to be true - an eco-friendly laundry egg which lasts for a whole year and washes clothes as well as normal detergents, surely not?  But I kid you not, these things really work and they're going to save families so much money

I’d already mostly been using eco-friendly biodegradable fabric softener and detergent, but this egg is even more eco-friendly than this.  It will save on the amount of packaging waste too.  The egg I was sent lasts up to 720 washes - that's up to three whole years!  Wow! 

These eggs are going to save me loads of money and make washing even easier – just throw the egg on top of the laundry, no messing around opening and closing bottles or spilling stuff everywhere (or is that just me?)

The dryer eggs reduce drying time and soften the clothes so a fabric softener does not need to be used.  Add these to the top of your wet clothes in the dryer and they'll move about in such a way they'll make your clothes baby soft and create air pockets to dry the clothes much quicker.  Cheaper bills and faster dry clothes.  Win-win!

Ecoegg Review

I’m amazed how well they clean, how nice our clothes smell and how soft they are.  In fact they are even softer than when I did use fabric softener.  They are so easy to use and will stop me buying no end of detergent every week.  if you have a tough stain they even have a stain remover you can add before washing - very handy with little children!

These are so incredible, everyone should use them.  Not convinced?  Here’s a roundup of their benefits:

Ecoegg Dryer Eggs:

  • Fragrance clothes – natural essential oils
  • Faster drying time – save time and money
  • Soften clothes – softer than I’ve ever felt before
  • No chemicals
  • Kind to skin
  • Saves money

Ecoegg Laundry Egg:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Washes clothes as well as a normal detergent
  • No bad chemicals going into the environment
  • Kind to sensitive skin
  • Lasts for ages – save money

Ecoegg say ‘We are passionate about producing eco-friendly products that don’t include any harsh chemicals, are environmentally friendly and good for your health. We are also very proud to manufacture in the UK and never, ever test on animals.’

Be kinder to the environment and your pocket today with