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How to make the most out of small spaces in your home

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Small homes are becoming increasingly popular but it can often be hard to know how to make the most out of a small space. Whether you’re moving into a quaint property or you’re wanting to get the most out of a small room in your home, here are some great ideas as to how you can maximise your small space. 

Use Versatile Furniture

Opt for furniture that has more than one function. For example, choose a table that will function well as a desk and a dining table, and opt for a large sofa that will double-up as a bed when guests stay over. Other things to consider are foldable chairs, small tables, ottomans and collapsible tables, as they’ll all add to your space without encroaching too much into it. 

Add Some Trickery

To give the impression of more space, consider using see-through furniture or curtains and add plenty of mirrors. These will help to create the illusion of space even when there isn’t much. And don’t forget to look at the option of adding sliding doors into a room. This will enable you to furniture the space without the worry of where the door is going to open, which will be a welcome relief in any small room.

Make Sure Every Piece has a Purpose

Unfortunately, in small spaces you don’t have the luxury of adding any piece of furniture that takes your fancy. Instead, you need to make sure every item you’re placing in your home will maximise the space you have. Large pieces of furniture can soon make a room feel cramped, so look at where you can split surface areas to create more space. For example, two small circular coffee tables placed together will work much better than one large circular one.

Be Creative in Your Designs

As you look around the room trying to visualise how things are going to work, try to unleash your creativity. Look for where you can add an interesting feature that will create more space or storage for you. For example, if you have a little alcove you may want to install a bookshelf and you could even create a foldaway desk.

Creating bespoke pieces in your home’s nooks and crannies will enable you to utilise all the space you have whilst providing you with all the functionality you need.