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3 Interesting things to do when you’re bored

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Boredom is something that we enjoy sometimes and dislike other times.  Luckily I’m always so busy nowadays I rarely have the pleasure of being bored.  I saw a blogger mention they were bored the other day and had one hour to kill. ‘What can I do?’ they asked.  Why not do something interesting with your spare time?

Here are 3 interesting things that you can do which will not only banish the beast of boredom, but you will enjoy doing them!

1. Organise a meeting with your mind, body and soul

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  This is the perfect time to have some thinking time and practice mindfulness.  Go deep into your mind and sync it with your body and soul.  Keep calm, concentrate on your breathing and truly relax.  Make it even more amazing by running a hot bubble bath and indulging in a face mask.  Or try some yoga - there are plenty of online videos for free on YouTube.

 2. Go back to the good old times 

Dig out your old photo albums and relive your favourite memories.   Go back to your childhood, school days and teenage years.   Why not take a snap and share them with your friends?   You’ll start wondering how time has passed by so quickly!  There's nothing like a rummage through an old photo album to bring back the good memories.

 3. Take care of your mental health

Mental fitness is equally important as physical fitness.  If you’ve half hour or more to spare you could refresh yourself with a walk, but if the weather sucks or you’d rather enjoy this boredom indoors, you could try playing some games.  Exercise your brain by playing some mental games online.  Or if you’re feeling lucky have a go at some casino games such as Bingo by playing games at GameVillage and have some fun in the process!

Banish boring days by getting fit, exercising your mind or being nostalgic!