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The Secrets To A Long Term Relationship

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Ever wondered what are the secrets to a successful long lasting relationship?  Until I met my husband I'd had a few unsuccessful relationships that lasted a few weeks to a couple of years.  If I was honest with myself I knew deep down that some of those relationships were never going to be successful, long before they ended.  It is true that you just know when you find the perfect person - within a few weeks of meeting my husband I knew we would marry one day!  I'd never felt the same with anyone else.  There are lots of guides on the secrets to having a long lasting relationship, but here I want to share with you my personal tips!

The secrets to a long term relationship with bed Guru #lovebedguru

Bed Guru (sleep specialists and online bed retailer) have launched a new Valentine’s Day campaign #LoveBedGuru.  It’s based around how no two people are the same and in relationships there certainly has to be an element of compromise, even when it comes to sleeping arrangements! 

Perhaps you both like a different firmness to your mattress or even a different size bed?  What do you do in this situation?  This is not only typical of sleeping arrangements, but of a whole relationship.  Unless, that is, you find someone who likes exactly everything you like and does everything in exactly the same way, like a clone of yourself.  That would be a bit weird. 

I’ve been with my husband for six years and I’m pleased to say we are very happy.  We’re very similar in some ways, but different in others.  Though I think that’s just the whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus scenario.

Are you wondering how to make a relationship last when we’re all so unique?  Here are my top tips for a long lasting relationship: 

Find the right person

This is a must!  I’m sure most of you have been there – in a relationship where you’re infatuated with them, but argue all the time or they’re just not so infatuated with you?  Well, I have.  It’s a crappy feeling, but it’s best to break away and find the right person.  The person who loves you equally and feels exactly the same way about you.  The person who you don’t argue with about every little thing, because the relationship is easy.  You’re a match.

Be best friends

My husband isn’t just my husband, but my best friend too.  He knows me more than anyone else.  He’s the only one I can tell everything to, including personal stuff, my honest opinion and any crazy thoughts.  I can be myself around him without fear of being judged.  We have a lot of banter and love being with each other as friends too.  It makes our bond even stronger.

Know who wears the trousers

I had to include this.  When I told my husband I’d be writing this blog post and any input was appreciated he replied ‘just say the husband has to do what he’s told all the time.  THAT’S the secret’.  So I guess I wear the trousers!  I guess if there were two people who wanted to be in charge there could be a lot of friction…!


OK so as much as I wear the trousers and get my own way most of the time, I still have to compromise.  Sometimes.  Compromise is so important in relationships.  It’s not always all about you.  You have to respect their ideas, decisions, likes and interests too.  If you both feel really strongly about something and can’t agree, then you’re going to have to meet somewhere in the middle in order to move forward.

Get a good night’s sleep

The last point brings me nicely on to this one.  Many of us have to compromise with the sleeping arrangements.  Perhaps you like a firm mattress, but he likes a soft, so you settle on a medium?  Maybe your other half is much larger than you and you keep rolling into the centre of the bed? 

Sleep is so important and one bad night’s sleep can affect your entire mood the whole next day.  This can cause unnecessary arguments because you’re just.   so.    darn.    tired.

Amazingly, Bed Guru has solved this problem by introducing a Couples Mattress.  This is a bespoke mattress made specifically to your requirements.  You can choose exactly how you want your side of the bed.  Genius if you ask me.  Not only this, but they can guide you through the whole process asking your height, weight and sleeping position to recommend the best mattress for you.  Let your sleep problems be solved!