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Making The Most Of Your Tiny Garden

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We all deserve a little patch of green heaven. Somewhere we can relax surrounded by a touch of nature and watch something beautiful grow. To get that, you don’t need to have a huge garden. You can have a little yard, even a balcony, and still make it fresh with life. You just have to know how to make the most of the space available to you.

Get vertical

It’s one of the easiest ways to add a dash of green if your ground space simply doesn’t offer much opportunity to plant something in. Almost everyone has some vertical space that they can use instead. Whether that’s a fence, your walls, or even the balcony and window ledges. Hanging planters can clip onto ledges, giving you the space to add a flourish of flowers to them. Then you have trellis plants that can add a real natural element to a wall. Creating a green wall can do a lot more for you, as well. If you turn your fence into a vertical garden, they are a lot easier to feed with stored water and can block out noise pollution much in the same way that trees can.

Add your own

Sometimes the issue isn’t that you don’t have a lot of space, it’s just that you don’t have any grass where things can grow. But that’s not an issue. Even if you don’t have a lot of soil, you can make use of services that can add synthetic lawns to all kinds of surfaces. Doesn’t matter if it’s asphalt or concrete, on the ground or on a balcony patio. You shouldn’t be afraid to go synthetic. Sure, you can’t grow on it, but adding the expanse of green surroundings to the planters you can put on it or contrast vertically with it can make sure that the garden really feels alive. There’s always the fact that you’re saving yourself a lot of effort in lawn maintenance to consider, as well.

Extend it inward

If you only have the space for a few pots or trellises, it can still sometimes feel a little bare outside. Instead, why don’t you think of keeping the garden vibe going inside? Blur the boundaries, by adding houseplants to dress up the interiors of your windows as well. You can go even further, using a dash of colour to make the indoors more green. You want as much natural life as you can get, of course, but just the feeling of nature with the right décor as it meets the boundaries to the outdoors can clear away the stressful feel of being surrounded by grey and brick buildings all day.

Final word

Hopefully, the points above make it clear that you have all the space you might need to make a garden flourish. It’s all about knowing how to use the right plants, the right placements, and even the right accessories that can further accentuate the garden you have. Don’t despair because you don’t think your garden is big enough.