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10 benefits of buying pre-owned jewellery

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Do you cringe away at the thought of buying jewellery that has been previously owned?

Huge mistake!

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the reasons why pre-owned jewellery should be your shopping filter next time you’re on a hunt for a girl’s best friend.

Pre-owned jewellery is much more affordable

Obviously, this is the first advantage that comes to mind. Pre-owned pieces can cost even 40% less than what you’d pay for a new piece of identical or similar brand. This depreciation is a common thing, even with homes, cars and gadgets and it happens for the mere fact that something is not new anymore.

It’s of like-new quality

The quality of pre-owned upmarket jewellery should be of no concern if you get a certificate or some written assurance about its structural integrity and craftsmanship. On top of that, you should bear in mind that people will often sell virtually brand new pieces of jewellery for countless reasons – which means that you can often find barely worn pieces which are much cheaper than new ones.

It was made to last

Having a few luxury items in your wardrobe and jewellery box goes a long way. One fine item in your outfit can make a difference between smart and striking. Buying pre-owned luxury jewellery or pre-owned watches gives you access to something that was made to stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and in terms of style.

You can build your own unique style

On the one hand, luxury jewellery is timelessly elegant and appealing. On the other, vintage pieces have the aura of decades gone by. So, pre-owned jewellery allows you to show off your unique style and taste. You can be the talk of the circles you move in because of your original style and the fact that no one else has the accessories you do.

You can be part of a story

There’s an irresistible thrill in buying jewellery that has been owned by someone else. Who was that someone and how did they come to have that piece? Was it a token of love or a family heirloom? What occasions did they wear it for? The piece you buy is a piece of history.

You can pass it on to the future generations

On the note of history, when you get a piece of jewellery that is pre-owned, in a way you preserve history for your future generations. Something that’s in vogue in your time will probably be vintage by the time your children or grandchildren come to wear it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have jewellery of everlasting beauty passed on in the family?

You’ll buy potential collectibles

Fine items are made in fewer numbers. They can gain collectible status because of their rarity or because their model was worn by a celebrity, a socialite or a person of historical significance. Of course, you cannot know if and when a piece will become a collectible, but knowing that it has a potential to do so is delightful, isn’t it?

You have a wider selection

To some extent, you have more options if you’re in the market for pre-owned jewellery. When you are shopping for new pieces, the price and style generally determine the brands you can afford. However, when you allow pre-owned pieces in your search, you get access to brands that could be out of your reach when new items are concerned.


If you are tempted to roll your eyes at this one, don’t. Environmental awareness is an important factor in our world today and you do contribute to a more sustainable future if you buy pre-owned jewellery. Fewer gemstones and precious metals to be mined equals less pollution in the air, soil and water and more intact wildlife habitats. We’re all connected.

Resale value

As mentioned in the beginning, price depreciation happens with jewellery, watches, cars, property and many other things. Just because an item has been owned, its price will usually drop drastically. However, if you buy a pre-owned piece and after some time decide to resell it, the difference in these two prices will be significantly lower than if you decided to sell some jewellery as the first owner.