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Do you know where your water comes from? *

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Where does our drinking water come from in the UK?

Believe it or not, water quality has been a topic of conversation quite a lot in our household over the past year or so, mainly because we live in a hard water area which is super annoying.  I’d attempted to do the water only hair washing method last year, but had to stop my ‘no poo’ challenge after 11 weeks due to the mineral build up in my hair which was disgusting. I’m very jealous of those who live in soft water areas and manage to have gorgeous locks purely from washing in water only.  Another blogger told me she did the water only method and her hair was incredible in Europe, so they must have lovely soft water.

If I could choose, or if I was very rich, I’d go for Evian spring water coming out of our home taps.  It’s my favourite bottled water – so light, refreshing and clean tasting.  The water in our home seems very heavy to drink.  It’s almost as if you can feel the weight of the invisible sediment within it.  That invisible stuff is mainly calcium carbonate which causes us a right hassle.

Do you get a lot of limescale in your home?  We do.  Especially in our kettle and around our taps and shower head.  It’s a right pain.  It’s left over residue from the water once the water evaporates.  Hard water also means we have to use more washing powder and fabric softener in order to wash our clothes effectively, we pretty much have to soften the water with the softener first so it can then soften our clothes.

I’m sure the hard water is bad for my skin too.  I seem to have a lot clearer skin if I drink more bottled mineral water.  We’ve been looking into some crazy water zapper thing that you attach to the water supply and it turns the water to soft water – it’s a few hundred pounds, but perhaps it could be worth it.

Did you know Wednesday 22nd March was World Water Day?  August is also interestingly Water Quality Month.  You learn something new every day!

In the run up to World Water Day, the team over at Anchor Pumps put together this infographic - UK Water Quality… The Good, The Bad & The Dirty!

It’s pretty interesting.  Do you live in an annoying hard water area like me?

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