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9 Tips for the Perfect Garden Party

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Spring and summer are just around the corner, and you know what that means don’t you? Yep. That’s right. It’s time to start planning a garden party!

There are lots of things to organise and here is a handy garden party checklist so you don’t forget anything.

garden party checklist

Garden party planning checklist

Get ready to host the perfect garden party with our comprehensive planning checklist!

1. Set a date

There’s so much going on in the summer months - weddings, festivals, your friend’s garden parties - you’d be surprised how easy it is to get this one wrong. The trick is to get in early - so pull out that calendar and start plotting now.

2. Print invitations

Emails and Facebook event pages are too impersonal. And what's more, they often go unopened. However, people usually respond when they receive an invitation in the post. And crucially, they’re much more likely to turn up to your party!

3. Organise entertainment

Games always bring many fun and garden parties to allow us to organize different games, as well as give us various entertainment opportunities. Among the most common games are Beer pong, Giant Jenga, Swingball, Croquet, and many others, think about them. You can even make that major step to choose a murder mystery game set-up at your place with customized gaming kits or opt for tailor-made inflatables such as labyrinths, obstacle courses, or water slides. These options will definitely provide your joyful and unforgettable moments throughout the day.

4. Book a marquee

There are several options out there, from traditional marquees to festival yurts and tepees. But perhaps a combination of themes would work best? That way your guests can wander from one to another. Why not book hard flooring? The grass is great, but some of your guests may be wearing heels.

5. Book the caterer

In the holiday season caterers are booked out months, even up to a year in advance. So it’s essential to book one early. One idea is to attend street food events and find up and coming caterers.  How about stone-baked pizzas in your garden?

6. Book a band

Do you want a covers band? Or a band that plays its own material? Or how about one that does both? Make a list of your favourite music, but try not to be self-indulgent - think of your guests and what they will like. You’re the host after all, and you want to make a good impression.

7. Book a DJ 

The same rules apply: try to hire someone who will complement the band. And it’s no good booking a techno DJ if half your guests are elderly, country and western enthusiasts! Make a list of everyone who’s coming and hit the town - you can ring an agency directly if you prefer, but you might find someone you like in one of your favourite bars, and most gigging DJs carry business cards.

8. Why not book a magician for the kids?

Finding ways to keep the kids occupied (and away from the punch) can be the hardest thing of all. But everyone, adults included, loves magic.

9. Sort the garden out

The long dark winter months make it hard to keep on top of the garden. The winter is too cold for green fingers, but now it's warming up it's time to tackle those weeds!  Perhaps consider investing in a new strimmer or good quality garden lawnmower.   

Oh... and don’t forget to invite the neighbours!

This is perhaps the most important one of all, especially if you’re planning to make noise, and take up all the parking spaces on the street. If they can’t make it to the party and you want to butter them up, pop over the day before with flowers and a card thanking them in advance for putting up with the inconvenience.

Once it’s all planned, relax and enjoy the party!