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Avoid going to the doctor with these alternatives

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Do you hate going to the doctors? 

Me too. 

Thankfully there are now alternative ways to see a doctor or you may not even need to go at all if it's a minor complaint.

Read on to discover four ways to avoid a visit a doctors surgery.

I’m not really an ill person.  I rarely get ill.  In the past year I’ve only had one cold. 

I tend to get a cold each winter, probably because I don’t wrap up warm enough some days. 

Last year I thought I’d not got a cold at all for winter, then it hit me early this year when the children and Ben were also sniffling and sneezing all over the place. 

I follow a super healthy lifestyle which I’m sure contributes to never getting poorly. 

Luckily I rarely have to go to the doctor’s, but there are still occasions I need to go and I really hate going.  It’s not that I have a fear of doctor’s, more that they make me feel like I’m wasting their time.

I also dislike going to the doctor’s because as much as they sometimes make me feel like I’m wasting their time, they also waste my time.

Here's why.  I have a skin complaint called pityriasis versicolor which flares up every summer.  I need to apply a special shampoo in the shower to control it or get rid of it and only use this prescription a few times a year.

The bottle lasts a couple of years and it never runs out before its expiry date.  That’s how little I need it.

But, once it expires I need another.

Problem being, because it’s been more than two years the receptionist always insists I must have an appointment rather than just ordering a repeat prescription.  Gah!

Every single time I tell the doctor what I need, they don’t even look at my skin condition and just print my prescription.

Why can’t they just do this over the telephone or just give me a repeat prescription without the whole palaver of an appointment?

An appointment where I usually have to sit in an overcrowded appointment room full of potentially infectious people for around one hour (because they are always running late) with my toddler in tow getting restless and bored.

A big fat waste of my time and an appointment that someone else can have when they don’t even want to look at my skin or suggest anything else!

Thankfully, I've since found out I can get the solution over the counter at the pharmacy and save myself this hassle.  Why didn't the doctor ever tell me this instead of making me waste an appointment someone else could have needed more than me?

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Avoid going to the doctor with these alternatives:

If you also dislike going to the doctors for minor ailments, you'll be relieved to know there are a few alternative options:

Online doctors

I’m super pleased that times are finally catching up and there are now alternatives to going to the local doctors.  There are now online doctors such as The Independent Pharmacy which is so much more convenient and much more discreet for speaking to doctors and ordering prescriptions.

Prescriptions can also be delivered directly to your home.  No more waiting in queues at your doctors, then waiting in another queue at the pharmacy!

Ask a pharmacist

Did you know pharmacists can offer help with minor ailments and healthier living?  They don’t just dispense medicine, but offer advice too.

If you’re not sure you need to see a doctor if it’s only minor then a pharmacist might be able to help you.  If you do need to visit a doctor, they’ll let you know.

Treat yourself

Perhaps you can treat yourself at home with a little common sense? Obviously go if it’s serious and you don’t know what’s wrong, but don’t go unless you really need to.

I’d like to think as adults we know when we need to go to see a doctor, but these insane stories of people wasting GPs time tell a different story.

I also know someone locally went to the out of hours hospital doctor near me after the Cheltenham Gold Cup and it turned out they had a really bad hangover!  What a waste of the doctor’s time!

Buy your own treatment

I’ve realised I can do this in the summer when my special shampoo expires.  I always assumed I’ve had to go and get this from a doctor, but I can actually buy it myself for only £1 more than a prescription cost.

To save the hassle of having to book an appointment I’m just going to buy the treatment I need myself.

Obviously this won’t be the case with every treatment, as some will need a doctor’s prescription, but if not then it will save a whole lot of hassle going to an appointment.  Again, your pharmacist will know.