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A complete guide to freebies online

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The cost of living is always a hot topic. For some, it is a non-issue but for the vast majority of us, it is a big issue. The price of everyday living seems to creep up daily, but for many of us our wages don't seem to increase at the same rate.  There is a way to get some items for free if you're a bit internet savvy!  You can get everyday goods for nothing.  Yep, nada.  Read on to learn how to get freebies from companies who are willingly giving them away.

A beginner's guide to finding freebies on the internet

When the going gets tough, we often end up reducing our spending, opting to take care of the basics only, thereby forgoing many of the luxuries spending that we are accustomed to. However, this should not always be the case, as there is a way to get many of the things we love for free!

Here’s a beginners guide on how to use one of the most common resources in the modern era we live in. By using the internet you can help to reduce your spending.  You may not know it but it is possible to enjoy your favourite TV show, go out for dinner, keep fit, and stock up on your favourite snacks all for free. All you need to know is how and where to look for freebies on the internet.

Open Your Laptop, Let's Get Started!

As mentioned, the only resource that you will need is the internet. Obviously, you will need a device to connect to the internet as well. With these two items, you are ready. 

Setting Up an Email Account for Receiving Freebies

The first task is to set up an email account solely for the purpose of receiving freebies. The main reason for this is to reduce the amount of junk email you receive in your ordinary email. For you to receive the freebies that are on offer you have to give up your email address to the companies providing the freebies.

Unfortunately, once you give these companies your email address, you may start receiving a lot of junk email too. The more freebies you receive from different companies the more they increase.

Using your dedicated freebie email, you should create a Facebook account as well. Many of the social media savvy companies are now focusing on giving freebies through social media sites as much as they do via email. However, you need not worry about your privacy. You can always adjust your privacy settings to make your account as private as possible, making the account invisible so that people cannot find you.

Signing Up To Freebies Websites

The best way to find businesses giving free stuff is to sign up to websites of communities that lists various businesses providing freebies. You do not need to sign up to all of the websites as most provide the same information. Only once in a while will a freebies website list an exclusive deal.

A good website to use is Wow Freestuff. The good thing about this website is its simplicity. On the far right is a list of all websites currently providing free stuff!  That is the list you are going to use. However, before opting into certain deals, ensure that they are not just giveaways.  You would not want to spend a great deal of time filling in forms only to realise it’s a giveaway and not a freebie.  Another good freebie website is the Vonbeau website.

Setting Up Where to Receive Your Free Items

When it comes to setting up the mailing address, many people just opt to use their regular mailing addresses. However, some do choose to use an additional P.O. Box to double the amount of free stuff they receive. However, you should note that some businesses do not accept P.O. Boxes.

Get Your Freebies!

After setting up everything it is time to receive the freebies!  Make the most of the freebies available – even if it’s not something you will use consider giving it to a friend or family member instead.  Enjoy your freebies!


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