Get Out Of Depression: Banishing Your Funk And Emerging As A Phoenix *

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Make a few changes and start feeling happier today

1 in 3 people are going to enter a period of mental illness in their lives. This could be triggered by a variety of reasons. Neurochemistry can be a difficult thing to manoeuvre, and if it is a brain problem you should absolutely see your doctor and research the best avenues to take from there. However, other people might find that they’ve slipped into a behavioural depression, either through bad habits or a life event that has dealt some turmoil to their daily functioning.

This needn’t be a permanent diagnosis. Feeling dreadful usually means that it's time for a change. Change in the way you perceive yourself, your health habits, how you approach the world and who you associate with are all things to try in your attempt to be a better person. Remember, full-time happiness isn’t the goal. Being a human being open and available to both the dark and light sides of life is the healthiest way to be. The following list will help you with how to achieve this in the best way.

Get Out Of Depression Banishing Your Funk And Emerging As A Phoenix


Meditating is one of the better ways to relieve stress. It’s also a great tool for introspection and applied properly and routinely to your morning preparations (only 10 minutes is required,) you might find that you’re able to be present for the harmful actions you’ve allowed yourself to commit without realising.

Upgrading Your Wardrobe

It’s been proven time and time again, if you look great you feel great. You don’t need to be a catwalk model to have confidence. It’s in the way you carry yourself, the attitudes and emotions you bring to a new mode of living. Go shopping with a close friend if you’re looking for a fun day out, or search on the Biggest Fashion Discovery Platform for even better results.

Your mood is interlocked with your self-perception, which is interlocked with your actions, and the cycle repeats. Making the effort to improve one of these, your self-perception helps break that cycle, and you’ll look fantastic doing so.

Upgrading Your Body

It really is difficult to understate the cognitive and physical benefits of exercising. Making sure you’re doing light cardio 3 or 4 times a week, with a friend or without, can help your confidence increase dramatically. This is because you’re meeting with adversity and choosing to overcome it semi-regularly, which carries over to the mood you take towards all challenges that reveal themselves to you.

Eating Right

Eating a diet that’s thick with positive nutrients from Vitamin A-Z and minerals will help you feel much better in your day-to-day functioning. Keeping yourself well hydrated has also been proven to help your cognition.

Taking a Load Off

Taking a load off is important. In fact, it’s necessary to grow. Being a person who’s able to work hard at their dreams every day is fantastic, but it might not be the healthiest way to live. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, working on your sleep hygiene. Make sure to take a day just doing nothing, with no goals in mind, every month or so. It’s important to give yourself the time to breathe, adapt and introspect.

Ultimately, how you feel is dictated by how you relate to your environment. Make sure that people around you are the right people for you and that you’re able to live honestly about who you are. Move if needs be. Your health should be the most important priority in your life, and no one should blame you for doing so. Follow these steps and you’ll start to feel much healthier and in turn happier and positive.


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  1. 100% using this post as an excuse to go clothes shopping :)

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  2. Lauren Charlotte

    I enjoyed this post... it's all so true!

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  3. Stevie

    There is some really good idvice here. I would add that controlling the drink makes for a great benefit.

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  4. Laura Findlay

    Love this post, there is some great advice and I'm sure it will help people x

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  5. alice lightning

    very good reading well put out and in plain talk so you can understand it lots of sense and tips

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  6. Katie Walker

    My partner can really channel these things I struggle a lot more with them especially trying to meditate but I guess you have to keep at it

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  7. Tee Simpson

    Love this post. Always taking care of others and foget about me

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  8. kim davies

    Love this blog. I need to do more to make myself feel more positive about life. I have days of massive downers and i need really to take a good, long look at myself and how i live my life x

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  9. Stevie

    I think there's some good advice here. Taking care of your fitness is the most appealling to me.

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