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8 industrial chic kitchen design ideas to wow *

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Industrial kitchens used to be all macho, dark and edgy. Not anymore. Welcome to the refreshing and quite beautiful world of industrial chic. The industrial chic kitchen takes everything cool about industrial kitchen design and brightens it up with more than a sprinkle of feminine chic.

If hard-core industrial designs aren’t for you, say hello to industrial chic. A move away from the dark and moody extreme expressed in contemporary industrial designs, industrial chic takes the best design aspects of industrial, but lightens the mood. No more does industrial have to resemble a disused factory warehouse.

Huge loft apartments weather industrial rather well. But, for most suburban homes, full-on industrial is quite frankly a tad overkill. Industrial chic, on the other hand, has much wider possibilities and can sit perfectly well in almost any home. As a result, industrial chic is becoming the number one kitchen design choice for many.

It’s really rather exciting. The Brighton Kitchen Company are one of many kitchen design businesses offering beautiful bespoke industrial chic kitchens. Whether you choose to work with a kitchen designer or not, here are some fabulous industrial chic kitchen design ideas to bring wow-factor into the heart of your home.

1. Utilitarian open storage

Bespoke open shelving constructed from reclaimed scaffolding and interclamp fittings is a great way to show off your prized kitchen pieces and keep shelving in the industrial chic theme. If you don’t have a kitchen designer helping you, and you’re not feeling very creative, try Etsy for some really creative and unique freestanding units.

2. Loft-style industrial lighting

The range of industrial chic lighting is huge. It’s bang on trend, so you won’t have any difficulty finding lighting that perfects your kitchen design. Your biggest problem will be narrowing down the ones you love most! A selection of pendants made with industrially inspired components creates a beautifully artistic row of silhouettes in the kitchen. By picking and mixing your pendants you can create a really unique look. Heals make a great selection of pick-and-mix modular lighting.

3. Brick-effect wallpaper

If paring back to real brickwork isn’t a viable project in your kitchen, using brick-effect wallpaper is an exciting and cool alternative. We love this black brick effect wallpaper from Beut. It comes in silver too. It’s very edgy and very cool.

4. Galvanised steel planters

It’s tempting when toning down a moody, hard-core industrial theme to a more chic version to veer away from steel. But as steel is so central to industrial themed décor, adding it in small touches works well. Vintage galvanised steel planters look fabulous for everything from herbs to larger plants. Industrial reclaimed steel drawers make fabulous veg boxes too.

5. Black is back

Getting black into the industrial chic kitchen someway or somehow is a must. We’ve already mentioned the black brick wallpaper. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Black chairs around a reclaimed timber table
  • Black gloss kitchen units make a real style statement
  • For high ceilings, consider painting it black or charcoal coloured
  • Black pendant lighting
  • Black gloss appliances
  • Black vinyl flooring

6. Salvage yard pieces

Bringing in some vintage pieces you’ve picked up at a salvage yard is a really nice touch. Just one piece can add a quirky dimension to your industrial chic theme. Anything from reclaimed trestle tables to vintage metal wine racks can be picked up from your nearest salvage yard.

7. Elegant touches

The trick to creating the perfect industrial chic interior design is to cleverly combine elegant features with bold industrial and utilitarian pieces. Think opposites and you’ll find it easier to mix and match. Adding feminine elements is what industrial chic is all about.

A strip of floral wallpaper behind a galvanised metal storage unit softens the space and brings an element of individuality. Tropical prints or bright geometrics work in small doses and are key decorating trends for 2017.

Plants and flowers can help soften the harsh flow created in many industrial themed spaces, as do soft furnishings, artwork and decorative accessories. Create some contrast in your industrial themed kitchen and you’ll have achieved industrial chic perfectly.

8. Think outside the box

To really get an industrial chic kitchen design to wow, you’ll need to think outside of the box. Take your salvage yard furniture pieces; they don’t have to be used for what they were intended. For example, old industrial pipes make great table legs. The great thing about industrial chic is the breadth of design possibilities. You can make it as lively and colourful or as cool and serene as you like.