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Getting fit for summer: top tips for an effective fitness journey *

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Many people will be thinking about the warmer months ahead, and there is no doubt about it that increasing your fitness levels can not only make you feel good but boost your confidence levels. However, a lot of us can fail at the first hurdle due to not planning the journey or even setting our goals a little unrealistically. We’ve all been guilty of running before we can even walk. Which is why I thought it might be worth sharing with you some of the top tips to consider when you are about to embark on a fitness journey. Let’s get fit and healthy for summer the right way.  

Set yourself realistic goals

You may have that far-reaching goal of running a marathon one day or having a lean body to be proud of, but quite often those goals are not something you can achieve quickly. This is why it is so important to set yourself milestone goals to help you reach your overall ambition. This helps to continue with the motivation of succeeding, while also helping you to manage your fitness journey in a healthy and attainable way.

Ensure you have the right sportswear and kit

It’s all well and good having these grand plans to run marathons or get physically fit, but if you don’t go about it in the right way you could cause more harm than good. Things like the right sportswear such as active gear or footwear, even things like the kit you use to train - water bottles, equipment to hold phones, weights, gym balls, each of which you can use throughout your fitness journey. It’s important to take care of your body while you train, so wearing and using the right things is essential.

Treat any issues you may be faced with

At some point you might find that you are subject to an injury, this could be caused by not warming up before exercise, or simply an accident. Things like physio could be an important part to help you get back on track with any sports injury you could be faced with.

Stick with it and don’t give up

Like any journey we embark on throughout our lives, if we don’t start to see results it can become disheartening. People looks for loss when they are losing weight, increased personal bests when it comes to fitness regimes or even career progression when heading for job interviews. Throughout any challenge we set ourselves, there may come a time where you feel less motivated. But stick with it, and if you find yourself feeling disheartened with results set yourself smaller milestone goals to motivate you back on track.

Build up stamina over time

Finally, any fitness journey will take time when done correctly, and it’s important to acknowledge that the stamina it takes is built up over time. Allow yourself the time to increase your levels, safely and productively.