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Will Vaping be the End of Smoking?

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According to The Guardian, the number of people in the UK who smoke is currently at an all-time low after a steady decline over the last few years – with figures showing that in 2016 only 16.9% of people were recorded as smokers, falling from a rate of just over 20% in 2010. Loads of people are keen to quit now, and rightly so, due to smart marketing campaigns from the government that warn about the cost – both to your health, the health of your loved ones and of course, the financial cost.

The most popular tool to help quit smoking in the past six years has proven to be e-cigarettes, the benefits of which massively outweigh all other smoking cessation methods. We are the most progressive in the UK when it comes to e-cigarettes and have one of the highest percentage of vapers in the world. 

Will Vaping be the End of Smoking

Here are some more benefits of using e-cigarettes to quit:

  • Adjustable nicotine levels

E-cigarettes can still contain nicotine, which is a good thing, as for those who quit smoking nicotine is what their body craves. The levels of nicotine found in the e-liquid of vapour cigarettes are not only adjustable, but you can also opt to get rid of them altogether – so you can slowly wean yourself off the addictive substance without having to worry about the health issues of going cold turkey!

  • No harmful chemicals

The worst thing about tobacco cigarettes is the plethora of dangerous ingredients you will find in them, not least arsenic, commonly found in poison and tar that will turn a healthy set of lungs cancerous if exposed to prolonged use. E-cigarettes contain no such chemicals as everything is non-toxic and completely safe. Making the swap will massively reduce the amount of destructive substances that you feed your body.

  • Same muscle memory

The problem other smoking cessation methods have is that they do not involve the same rituals as actually smoking, there’s no feeling of putting something to your mouth and inhaling for that relaxing ‘throat hit’. E-cigarettes possess pretty much the same rituals as smoking tobacco (some even have the same pen-like structure of traditional cigarettes) and as such as are massively popular – while nicotine patches provide you with that hit of nicotine, there will still feel like there’s something missing.

  • No sneaky side effects

A huge issue for smokers is the smell that smoking will leave them with, or the fact it turns their teeth yellow – e-cigarettes possess no such problem. The e-liquids that are available to purchase can come in quite enjoyable smells, but they won’t stick to your clothes! There are absolutely no ash burns to worry about to, too.

If you’re looking to help somebody quit smoking, why not take a look at some vapour starter kits from some reputable e-cigarette stores? Do someone a favour by enabling them to kick the filthy habit once and for all!