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10 alternative uses for baby wipes

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Ways to use a baby wipe, that’s not on a baby

Since having my children we might as well have shares in baby wipes. We get through so many. I actually don't know how are used to cope without using baby wipes as they are so useful all around the house and whilst out and about.  We've found a multitude of uses for baby wipes since having our two children, that don't always include using on them on babies.

Here are 10 alternative ways you can use baby wipes, other than on an actual baby:

10 alternative uses for baby wipes shining black shoes

  1. Wiping up small spillages – so they’re not going to absorb a whole spilt drink, but they are great for wiping small drops of drink or food on the table or high chair.
  2. Cleaning marks off cupboards – we have high gloss kitchen cupboards and these are perfect for getting dried food marks off the cupboard doors.
  3. A refreshing face wipe on a hot day – instantly cool down by lightly wiping a baby wipe over your face.
  4. Emergency face cleansing wipes if you run out of cleanser and toner – not so great for the skin, but perfect as a last resort if the shops are shut and everything else has run out.
  5. Cleaning toys – kids play things can get ever so grubby ever so quickly with little sticky hands all over them.  Luckily baby wipes remove this grub with ease from toys and board books.
  6. Dusting – I regularly use ours to dust the top of our plastic kitchen bin as well as dusting the top of the toilet and small tiled shelves in our bathroom.  I probably wouldn’t dust the whole house with them as I expect they’ll leave marks, but they’re perfect for small non smeary surfaces.
  7. Emergency loo roll – hands up if you’ve done this!  So we’re not supposed to throw them down the loo to prevent blockages, but I admit I’ve had to reach for a packet of baby wipes when I’ve been faced with an empty cardboard tube once or twice!
  8. Wiping away white deodorant marks – use baby wipes on both skin and clothes to get rid of that pesky white powder deodorant residue.
  9. Cleaning sticky fingers – great for sticky fingers, faces, and noses!
  10. Polishing shoes – I use a baby wipe to clean marks and dust off shoes and to give them a great shine.  They work especially well on Bella’s black school shoes to keep them looking new.

What do you regularly use (baby) wipes for?