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How do you put personality into contemporary kitchen design?

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Everyone is hooked on contemporary kitchens. They’re sleek. They’re cool. They usually incorporate innovative, even ingenious, storage solutions, with all manner of quirky, hidden cubbyholes. They look fabulous. But, dare we bring this to the contemporary kitchen table? Are contemporary kitchens becoming a little bit samey?

Pop into a selection of standard kitchen retailers and you’ll find yourself perusing a relatively narrow design span of modern kitchens in high gloss, low gloss, and matt finishes. All in all they look ‘nice’, but there’s relatively little to get really excited about. Yes, you can perk up the design with impressive designer appliances, but how do you impose your personality and make them unique to you?

There’s a definite art to kitchen design and making a contemporary kitchen stand out from the crowd isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re determined to stamp your personality onto your contemporary kitchen design, read on for 7 ways to do just that.

1. Hire a kitchen designer

Giving your new kitchen personality is what makes a kitchen remodel really special. Hiring a high-end kitchen designer is the best way to get a contemporary kitchen design that has your personality stamped all over it. A great kitchen designer, like Halcyon Interiors, will work with you to make sure your kitchen is not only functionally excellent, but it also has a unique design to suit you and your home.

2. Mix and match cabinetry

If you are going for an off-the-peg contemporary kitchen solution, think about mixing and matching rather than going for uniformity. Different tones of the same colour work well, or go for opposites. If you are using opposite colours, make one dominant, rather than giving each equal prominence. Trust me; it just looks better. Be careful though, go too off the wall and the whole design could flop.

3. Go all out with art and accessories

The easiest way to inject a bit of personality into your kitchen space is to use art and accessories. These are hugely personal to you and will help you to transform your kitchen space into an interior that speaks of you and your style. A great piece of art will provide an interesting focal point in your kitchen. Cleverly co-ordinating kitchen accessories in similar colours to your artwork will bring pops of colour and a beautiful sense of flow.

4. Try a bit of tile trickery

Kitchen cabinetry can come alive in a variety of ways when surrounded by different tiles. Tiles really can change the look of your kitchen space quite considerably. Both on walls and as a floor covering, tiles come in so many different materials, colours, sizes and prints, that each will bring an entirely different look. And for the record, tiles with personality don’t have to have a busy pattern. Even a small tiled area behind the sink can create an eclectic look and inject a bit of character into your kitchen space.

5. Reclaimed wood warm-up

Use a piece of reclaimed wood in a section of your countertop. It brings a unique, warm and interesting addition to the sleek countertops generally found in contemporary kitchens. Reclaimed wood adds a quirky contrast to the contemporary kitchen and has the ability to relax the look of sharp modern designs and rigid structures. It also brings a bit more of an earthy, organic feel.

6. Fashion comes second

Don’t be tempted to direct your whole kitchen redesign based on the latest fashion. It’s a sure way to miss an opportunity to inject any personality into your kitchen whatsoever. The best contemporary kitchen designs generally incorporate personal twists. Think beyond fashion.

What is at your core? What do you love? What do you believe in? These are the questions you should be asking. If you love nature and you’re into recycling, then make sure these aspects are included in your kitchen design. If minimalist living makes you feel good – great, go for that. Whatever makes you tick, bring those elements into your kitchen design.

7. Stand up for what you want

If you are enlisting help with your kitchen remodel, whether it’s a full-on kitchen design and installation service, an architect, an interior designer, or just a friend who is good at styling, be sure to stand your ground. Be confident in your choices and don’t let yourself be swayed by someone else’s kitchen design preferences. A good kitchen designer will have worked with numerous clientele and understand the importance of your input; they will essentially guide you to make the right choices for you and your home.

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