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How to create the perfect garden hideout

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Gardens are a wonderful place that you can go to escape from the noise of your home and just relax. Whether you have a large garden or a small one, there are plenty of ways you can create that perfect little hideout to go and daydream until your heart's content.

The chair to snuggle in

Getting the right chair all depends on how you like to get comfortable. Do you like something solid that holds you in place? Or do you prefer something that you can sink into for hours on end? This will determine what kind of furniture you will want. Remember that you can customise with cushions, pillows, blankets, and throws to make sure it's your own unique little snug. You could even get a couple of different chairs to suit your different mood, or if you're feeling very nature orientated - get yourself a hammock to lie in and cloud gaze.

The fire to cosy up to

Who doesn't like the idea of sitting next to a stunning pit fire burning away in front of you, as you feel the warmth against your skin? They don't just feel lovely, but they look incredible in a garden, and you don't have to worry about the floor or the surrounding areas getting damaged because these heaters are cleverly designed to stay contained within the glass. Keeping it safe, and making it look divine.

The best background noise to listen to

It's important to be hearing things that you like to hear, as a pose to motors, car horns and sirens. So why not make your own garden playlist and turn on the tunes when you know you want to escape for a while. Music has the power to take you to places you never knew existed, so you can't go wrong there. Another option is adding a water feature so it sounds like you're by a stream, or even just some wooden wind chimes that gently knock together when there's a breeze.

The pretty colours to stimulate you visually

Work in some colour if you haven't already. This can be done with the most natural thing of all - flowers. Not only do they come in all different colours - meaning you can surround yourself with pinks, blues, purples, and oranges - but they can also smell delicious. So get browsing at your local garden centres and invest some time in creating a beautiful array of flowers beds.

The right lighting to set the mood

How do you plan on making the right atmosphere without lights? It just can't be done. Lights are what control the mood of a room, so the same goes for outside too. Candles are a lovely way to create just enough light to see, but without brightening up the area too much. Having said that, you have complete control by adding more or taking away. Fairy lights are also a great look that can be scattered around a tree, a chair or even put into a glass bowl or jar to add that finishing touch to your special place.