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5 reasons why underfloor heating is ideal for new homeowners

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There is nothing quite like having the keys to your new home pressed into the palm of your hand. Sheer excitement gives way to sheer panic, but only for a moment because once you step into your home, you are once again filled with excitement and delight.

But buying your own home and running it, is expensive. There are many fees and costs to take into account that you would not normally be subjected too. You need to budget to the last penny. The last thing you need is any major breakdowns, and that goes for your heating system.

Underfloor heating is ideal for any home but for new homeowners, walking into your home knowing that there is underfloor heating gives you peace of mind. And here are 5 reasons why:

     I.        Energy Efficient

First and foremost, running an underfloor heating system is one of the most efficient heating systems available on the market today. It uses less energy to keep your home toasty warm and here’s why.

Wet or water-based underfloor heating systems use energy more efficiently to heat the water as it circulates through the pipes. Also, underfloor heating systems are designed on a bespoke basis (in most cases). In other words, the right number of pipes loops are fixed in the right places and that means no cold spots.

And, properties with underfloor heating tend to be better insulated so they hang on heat much better. The floor coverings are also chosen to work well with underfloor heating and so basically, your new home will hang on to heat much better.

   II.        Controllable

Underfloor heating is also much more controllable too. It may be that in some homes, there is one thermostat but if this is a smart one, it means you can control the heat in your home down to half degree graduations.

These are known as single-zone underfloor heating systems but there are multi-zone options too. This means there are thermostats reading temperatures in individual rooms and that means you can set different temperatures in different rooms, at different times.

This controllability means you save money because you have the ability to ensure that heat is not wasted.

  III.        Convenient

It is a simple system. In a property with a boiler, the water is circulated through underfloor pipes which the gas or oil-fired boiler heats. The plastic piping grabs the heat and this n turns radiates into the floor above and then into the room.

It is safe too, with no red-hot radiators on the wall or no open-flame fires such coal burning fires or even gas fires. This is great news for people with families or vulnerable people.

There is a convenience to underfloor heating, a simplicity and cleanliness that makes it an ideal addition to any home.

  IV.        Luxurious

Be honest, can you think of anything better than stepping onto a warm floor? In luxury hotels, for example, the bathroom is often kitted out with underfloor heating. Being able to step out of the shower or the bath onto a heated floor is delightful.

But now imagine this luxury across your home. The floor area of a home is a vast expanse and we try to make it warmer with carpeting or rugs. You can still have both with underfloor heating but it does work better with hard flooring solutions.

   V.        No maintenance

As a homeowner, there will be many pressures on the household budget. One of the biggest financial issues is when there are unforeseen financial outlays, such as the boiler on the blink. Central heating, for example, needs to be serviced regularly and for them to maintain their efficiency, the system needs to be drained and refilled.

Maintaining them is the best way of heading off broken down heating systems. But, here’s the good news, an underfloor heating system, both a water-based and dry system, need very little, if any maintenance.

There are very few moving parts with an underfloor heating and that means less chance of breakdowns and other problems. It doesn’t need refilling, although the occasional top up with water for a water-based system may be needed from time to time, but that is about the extent of the maintenance and servicing needed.

Underfloor heating is a fantastic addition to any home and for many people, it is what clinches the deal when buying a property.

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