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Summer garden? Why not have one that lasts all year?

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As soon as the summer rears its pretty head, homeowners panic about their garden. Among the most common fright-filled questions is the phrase: ‘is it summer ready?’ Sure, it’s great to have a place to go and relax when the weather's warm. It’s also nice to let the kids play without having to worry. The issue is the theory that a garden is only good for the summertime. The reality is that one can be beautiful and practical all year round if you know the tricks of the trade. For those that are interested, you can find them underneath.

Plant Evergreens

Most people think of evergreen plants like ferns and associate them with Christmas. And, yes, they aren’t the type of greenery that you want to fill your garden with, but they are not the only plants that will survive the autumn and winter.  Flowers are sturdier than you think. The Ceanothus flower, for example, is a vivid blue colour that blooms from one spring to the next, while the Viburnum Tinus has a soft, subtle white hue. As long as you give them the attention they deserve, the colours will stay constant from one season to the next.

Don’t Fill With Clutter

Probably the main garden feature, once the summer goes, is the mess. Because people don’t use it during the colder months, it is a perfect place to store bulky items. However, you have to resist the urge if you want to maintain a year round garden. What sets summer grounds apart is the fact that they are fit for purpose. Yours, however, won’t fit the bill if there are garden tools and an old refrigerator taking up space. If you have rubbish, throw it in the bin or dispose of it properly, but don’t leave it in the garden.

Invest In Decking

Maintaining plants and flowers all year long is a hard task because they need a lot of attention. So, the trick is to invest in materials that can take the brunt of the punishment without any help. Decking, anyone? Quite simply, decking is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t buckle under pressure from the weather. In fact, the rain will make it shine better than before. What’s great about it is that you can use it regardless of the season. As long as there protection from the elements, there is nothing wrong with sitting in the garden in November.

And Invest Your Time

Whatever you try, the garden won’t look after itself. It isn’t an independent person – it’s a garden. As a result, you will need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. The weather might be bad and it won’t seem like a good idea, but it’s the only way to maintain the area. Anyway, it only takes fifteen to twenty minutes every week to keep it in tip-top shape. Plus, just imagine the feeling when summer comes around and you don’t have to start from scratch.

See, year round gardens really are possible!