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3 important reasons to choose organic (other than your personal health)

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I keep seeing news stories pop up claiming organic food is no better for you than non-organic. 

Want to know my response?


So what.

So what if organic food offers no more nutritional value?  Though there are actually many studies proving the exact opposite.  There is so much more to organic food than just choosing it for its taste and higher nutrient content.

Yes, taste, nutrients and no chemicals going into your body causing who knows what diseases are all great reasons to choose organic, but even if the food tasted exactly the same and had the exact same nutrients as non-organic food, AND even if it was totally safe to eat and no chemical traces remained whatsoever, I would STILL prefer to choose organic. 

So to all the articles claiming eating non-organic food is no different to eating organic for health reasons, which I’m sure is wrong anyway, I say you are missing the bigger picture.

Here are three reasons why I would still choose organic, regardless of my own health:

1. Better for the environment

It’s a no-brainer that spraying a load of synthetic chemical pesticides onto crops is terrible for the environment.  Rain washes the chemicals off the plants, into the ground or off the ground surface where it ends up in lakes, rivers, our drinking water supply and more.  Many of these pesticide chemicals cannot be broken down in water so they cause devastating damage such as dead zones where no living things can survive.  Non-organic farming over farms the land and soil causing massive damage to the nutrient levels in the soil.  Organic farming rotates crops and allows soils to replenish the nutrients lost.

2. Animal Welfare

There are much stricter rules in place on organic farms and getting an organic stamp isn’t as simple as not using any nasty chemicals.  It’s also about protecting the environment, wildlife and animals in their care.  If you see the Soil Association organic symbol you can rest assured the animals are truly free range, fed a natural diet free of GM foods and looked after to the highest standards in farming.

3. Protect Wildlife

Organic farming cares about wildlife and even encourages it.  Fields are divided by hedges which are home to many small mammals.  Chemical pesticides used in non-organic farming are killing our bees!  The bee population has been rapidly declining in recent years, which is scary stuff as we need the bees to pollinate our food crops.  Bees are one of the main pollinators of 70 out of 100 food crops, so it could be disastrous if they don’t survive.  Plus, honey is delicious!  Imagine no more honey.

If there’s an organic option in the supermarket, it’s worth the extra cost for so many reasons.