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The latest jewellery trends you should know about

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A good piece of jewellery is the perfect way to make a boring outfit pop. Spending all of your money on expensive clothes isn’t sustainable; the best thing to do is buy a few select accessories, like handbags and jewellery that you can use to elevate your more modestly priced pieces of clothing. Good accessorising doesn’t mean overloading yourself, it means choosing well and matching with the rest of your outfit properly. If you’re new to accessorising, these are some of the latest jewellery trends at the moment:


Upcycling seems to be everywhere at the moment. People are filling their houses with upcycled furniture made from reclaimed wood, and the internet is full of DIY projects that you can do to upcycle otherwise junk. That trend has spilled over into the fashion world in the form of jewellery. People are making pieces out of all sorts including old cans, shells, and ceramics. It’s a cost effective way of making some brilliant pieces that are sure to impress. If you get creative with it, the possibilities are endless.


Diamond is a classic choice for jewellery, but it’s always in style. When it comes to diamond jewellery, don’t cut corners. You could get some cheaper stuff but it won’t look anywhere near as good. The best thing about an elegant diamond necklace is that it goes with almost anything, so it’s worth spending a bit of money on a nice one, you’ll get enough wear out of it.


Monogram necklaces fell out of style for a while but they’re back in a big way at the moment. People are going for thick, chunky, medallion style monogram necklaces and rings. Gold is the best colour for them as they will go with a lot of your outfits, but don’t get anything too big or it will be overpowering.

Chandelier Earrings

Some people prefer small, understated stud earrings over larger flamboyant styles. If that sounds like you, then chandelier earrings might not be for you. However, if you have the confidence to pull it off, it can be a stunning look. Big, dangly earrings with lots of diamonds on are all the rage at the moment. You’ll be more limited in what you can wear these earrings with. If you’re going for a more casual, elegant style, then they aren’t the right choice.


Pearls have been seen as a bit of a boring jewellery choice recently. They’re associated with older women and the younger generation is often worried about looking outdated if they wear pearls. But they are making a comeback, in a different form. People are doing away with the boring old pearl necklaces and giving the humble pearl a new lease of life. Vibrant ring earrings with pearls in and chunky bracelets are just a few of the ways that people are making more interesting jewellery out of them.