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How to easily transform your walls (without traditional wallpaper or paint)

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At the moment all our walls are painted white.  We moved into our home three years ago and eagerly set about making the space our own.  The house was tired and worn with different coloured paint in every room, along with different coloured carpets.  We wanted a blank canvas as a starting point so stripped everything out and painted everything white.  I do love the fresh and clean appeal of the white, but in some rooms I’d love to go a little crazy and have a feature wall. 

Problem is, the thought of wallpapering slightly terrifies me.  I can imagine a scene of me all curled up in thick wallpaper with glue everywhere and a crumpled up mess on the walls.  Ben comes home from work and has to rescue me type scenario.  I also can’t stand painting, isn’t it a bore?  I start with great intentions, but I quickly get bored and start sloshing it all over the place trying to get through it as quickly as possible.  Thankfully transforming your living space no longer has to turn you into a sticky mess or take hours on end with a paintbrush.  Phew! 

Here are three alternative ways to decorate your walls (without using traditional wallpaper or paint):

Reusable wallpaper

There are companies such as Pixers who sell wallpaper created with an innovative adhesive called Pixerstick which is reusable.  Yes, you heard me correctly, it’s reusable!  This means you can easily apply it to your walls by yourself and then unstick and apply it again until it is absolutely perfect.  Doesn’t that make wallpapering sound so much more bearable?!

It’s also resistant to tearing and creasing, so that’s another two things to cross off your wallpapering worry list.

Wall murals

One thing I’ve mentioned before in my blog that I love is wall murals.  Ever since a friend had a huge photographic wall mural in her dining room of trees in a forest, I’ve been a bit obsessed.  It was awesome.  Before this I’d never seen one in an actual home, so never knew how great they could look. I’ve so many ideas for wall murals in my home from a botanical wall in my office, a magical castle in Bella’s bedroom, a tranquil beach scene in the bathroom to an enchanted forest in the playroom; the possibilities really are endless.  Plus you can even upload your own designs or photos and have something unique to you.


Creating an entire wall mural can seem a little scary at first.  Especially for people like us who are used to plain, bare white walls.  To ease us in, Pixers have the perfect solution with fully customisable furniture stickers.  These stickers can be ordered to size to cover any surface you desire.  Easily update your wardrobe doors, fridge, chest of drawers, children’s toy box or if you want to start smaller why not cover your laptop in a creative pattern?