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Money Making Mums Blogger Interview: Boost My Budget

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1.     Hello, welcome to my Money Making Mums Interview.  Please tell me a little about who you are, where you’re from and where you blog.

Hello! I’m B, I’m 30 years old and I live in Kent with my husband. I run a blog called Boost My Budget, where I test out all kinds of ways to make money on social media and online and report back on how I got on. I also share money saving tips, book reviews and other things I’m learning about personal finance. I have a full time office job and I spend all my spare time blogging and side hustling. My dream is to make enough from my online pursuits to quit my job and work from home full time.

2.     This series is all about mums being able to make money from home.  Can you tell me what you do from home to make money?

I’m obsessed with trying new ways to make money from home. Last month I had income from 10 different sources! My current biggest earners are blogging and matched betting. I’m also testing out a new side hustle, which is making money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing. It’s still early days, but I’ve seen some good results already.

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3.      What makes it suitable for mums?

All of my side hustles are suitable for mums because they’re completely flexible. You can work on them any time you’re free, whether that’s early in the morning or the middle of the night. Pinterest marketing in particular is brilliant because you can do it all from your phone when you’re out and about.

4.     What do you love about working from home?

I currently work full time in an office job and work from home in the evenings and weekends. I love working from home in my spare time because I can increase my income and work on my own terms, in my own time. I love the flexibility!

5.     What are your top three negatives to working from home?

People don’t always see what you do as ‘work’ and respect your time at the computer.

It can be hard to switch off and enjoy a night in with my husband. There’s always more to do online!

The income can vary month to month, which makes it difficult to budget and plan.

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6.     If you could only pick one, either working from home or working in an office for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Well, so far I don’t have the experience of working full time from home, so I can’t make an honest comparison. But my dream is to make a living from home so that I have complete control over my schedule and income. Also, I love working alone because I’m a massive introvert, and I could live without all the office gossip and drama!

7.     Lots of people say they’d find it hard to stay motivated if working alone at home.  What keeps you motivated?

I record every single penny that I make from my online ventures. It’s always motivating to look back over how much I’ve earned. I also have a detailed vision of how I want my life to look in five years’ time, and I keep that in mind when I need a boost.

8.     Do you have a favourite quote to keep you inspired?

‘A year from now, you’ll wish you started today!’ This kept me going through the early months of blogging when I felt like I was talking to nobody. Now it’s coming up to a year since I started, and my blog has started to bring in money. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be another year from today!

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9.     Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to share with mums wanting to make their own income from home?

Just start! I strongly believe that everyone can make extra money online, no matter what skills they have or how much free time they (don’t!) have. There are so many ways to make money out there, not just making money on Pinterest, so just pick one and get started. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you make your first money online!


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