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Ways to make money online and at home

Looking to make extra cash from home?  Want a side hustle idea?  Wondering how you can make a full-time living working from home in the UK and even beyond?

I have managed to successfully make blogging my full-time income and I also do lots of side hustles from home and online to top up my monthly income.  I've found lots of ways to make money online and from home in the UK.  I've even found many free money offers in the UK that take only a few moments of time to earn cash for free!

I'm passionate about finding real ways to make money at home and I share my tried and tested methods on my blog. This page will share some of the best articles from my money blog to help you discover many ways to make money online.

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Why I started making money at home:

Becoming a parent gave me the need and desire to look for work from home jobs for mums.  It made no sense for me to return to my full-time job and pay extortionate childcare costs for several years, leaving us without my wage at all for several years.  I needed to find a way to make money that fit around my husband's working hours at the time, or ideally ways to make money at home so we weren't just passing ships.

At first I found it really hard to find genuine work from home jobs in the UK, but once I found the right places to look then I realised there are lots of websites and different methods to make money online.  I discovered many legit ways to make cash from home!

Since having my first child in 2012 I have tried and tested no less than 60 ways to make money at home.  I share them all on my money and lifestyle blog so you can see which are the most successful for me.  I love trying new ways to make money at home and documenting my experience.

Discover lots of ways to help you make more money and save more money all over my website.  Check out my top menus for many easy-to-read and understand personal finance articles and UK lifestyle topics. 

My home, online + blogging income reports:

I don't just talk the talk, I really make a full-time living from home.  It was thanks to many other people on blogs and forums sharing their income reports that I learned how to make real money from home in the UK, so I share income reports too, so you can see all the methods I use to make money at home and exactly how much I make.

Click to read my annual income reports:

2021 is my last annual blog income report, as from 2022 I will be working in a team and no longer single handedly running my blogging business :) 


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Pre-loved selling tips:

Selling pre-loved clothes, toys and homewares online has made me over £1000 per year.  With two kids constantly growing out of clothes, shoes and toys, I always sell the good quality stuff online after we've had full use out of it. 

I've also dabbled in reselling preloved goods on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  If you have an eye for a bargain in a charity shop or at car boots then it can be a lucrative business model.

Here are some tips to help to sell pre-loved goods online, or even to become a reseller and use online selling marketplaces like eBay to start a business:


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