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Don’t get scammed by these bank text fraudsters!

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I have to share this text with you as I can see how easy it is to accidently get scammed by people pretending to be from your bank!  I would have been close to being fooled if this text was actually from one of my banks! 

I bank with both Santander and Natwest and I’ve had a few texts like this to confirm online transactions that are real texts from my bank.  They’ve just started recently so I wonder if it’s a new thing, or perhaps just because of my more recent spending habits.  I don’t know, but I was surprised the first time I received a real text from my bank.  I’m always dubious when I get anything from the bank.  Even when they called me and left me an answerphone message once, I thought it was a scam so didn’t call back!

It’s usually been when I’ve purchased something from Zeek that I get the real texts from my bank.  The texts will show my last three or so transactions and I simply reply Y or N to confirm if I made them.

Note - The real texts never have a phone number to call.

Beware of this bank text scam dont get ripped off by fraudsters

I do not bank with Lloyds so I knew instantly this was a scam.  After a little research on the internet I discovered this phone number is a super high rate number that will charge you a fortune for calling it.  Those who did call it say they were just put on hold and that was it, so some were on hold for ages believing it was their bank!

Never ever trust anything like this, even if you think it is real.  Always check the back of your card for your bank’s telephone number and enter it yourself into the keypad.