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Stocking Fillers for a 5 Year Old Girl

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Are you struggling to find the perfect stocking filler for a five-year-old girl? Look no further!

This article offers a variety of gift ideas for the young girl in your life, including unicorn-themed items, scooter accessories, Lego Friends, drawing pads and glitter pens, and DIY jewellery kits.

Whether you're looking for a personalised t-shirt or a gift for a unicorn lover, these ideas will help make Christmas morning extra special for the little girl in your life. So start planning now and avoid using credit cards to enjoy your festivities. 

Read on to discover the best stocking filler ideas for a five-year-old girl.

Stocking Fillers for a 5 Year Old Girl

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

The big C is almost upon us. One of my favourite things about Christmas is seeing my childrens faces light up when they see all their presents under the tree on Christmas morning!  I cannot wait to see how excited they are on Christmas morning and buying presents is also so fun as I anticipate their reaction for each one and choose items I know they'll love. 

I wrote this blog post when my daughter was five years old to give inspiration to anyone looking for a present for this age group. Are you a bit stuck, wondering what you can buy a five year old girl?  Whether you're looking for companies that offer fast t-shirt printing for a personalised tee, a gift for unicorn lovers, toys or stationery... here are my stocking filler gift ideas for a five year old girl:

Stocking filler ideas for a 5 year old girl including Hawkins Bazaar

Unicorn lights

When my daughter was five, she loved unicorns and told us when she’s a grown up, she’ll be able to ride a unicorn!  If your five year old girl loves unicorns then some themed lights are a great gift idea.

Scooter accessories

When my daughter was five she needed a new scooter , but we could only get blue and green as it was the only colour it came in. So, beacuse she loved pink and purple, we purchased some scooter accessories!  Purple tassels to go on the end of the handlebars and a Scooterheadz purple pony to turn her scooter into a ride on horse!  If your five year old loves their scooter, then scooter accessories are an ideal Christmas present and affordable stocking filler.

Lego friends

Our daughter absolutely loved Lego and was rather ecstatic when she first saw Lego Friends in our local supermarket.  With small boxes of Lego starting at around £5 these make the perfect top up gifts.

Drawing pads and glitter pens

Check out the craft section in your local supermarket shops for giant drawing pads and glitter pens.  These are a cheap and cheerful present that will let your five year old get creative too.  Crafty bits are perfect stocking fillers and easy to find in supermarkets, The Range, The Works and many other affordable places.

DIY jewellery

Our daughter loves making things and especially things she can wear.  She loves it now and loved it as a five year old too.  A jewellery kit with elastic string and beads will keep any five year old girl happy for hours, designing their own bracelets and necklaces.

Christmas socks

Let’s face it, no stocking would be complete without a pair of Christmassy socks, even for children!  These can easily be picked up for a couple of pounds from a supermarket or clothing store.

Unicorn Fairy Lights Stocking filler ideas for a 5 year old girl including 

Nail varnish

Obviously this will be a supervised activity, but I’m glad to find lots of toxic free nail varnish companies online who make kids polish.  Her very own nail varnish will make her feel super special and grown up.

Personalised gifts

There’s something quite magical for a child to receive a gift with their name on it, especially from Santa and his elves.  You can also find something that will get used over and over again so it’s not just a novelty.  Try a personalised pencil case, water bottle or t-shirt with their name on.  Many companies offer fast t-shirt printing so you can get your gift in time for Christmas.

Healthy treats

My kids absolutely loved all the Bear dried fruit snacks and Organix Goodies bars when they were five, so these make great stocking fillers. They loved a multipack of these all to themselves without having to ask my permission for a snack like usual!  Plus I never felt guilty for them overindulging on these sorts of healthier treats for a day or two.

11 More Stocking Filler Ideas for a Five Year Old Girl

Above is everything I got for my daughter for Christmas that can also make perfect stocking fillers.  But what other ideas are there for five year olds for their stockings, top up gifts or small gift ideas?

Here's a bunch more suggestions:

  1. Playdough and cookie cutters: These are great for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills.
  2. Small puzzles: Perfect for developing problem-solving and dexterity.
  3. Sticker books: These are great for encouraging creativity and imagination.
  4. Bubble wands: These are a fun and inexpensive way to entertain a five-year-old girl.
  5. Small books and colouring books: These are great for encouraging a love of reading and creativity.
  6. Temporary tattoos: These are perfect for a five-year-old girl to express her individuality and creativity.
  7. Hair accessories like barrettes, hair ties, and hair clips: These are perfect for a five-year-old girl to accessorise and express her personality.
  8. Small stuffed animals: These are perfect for a five-year-old girl to cuddle and play with. The Christmas Jellycat selection has some amazing Christmas themed small stuffed teddies that are adorable and rather unique!
  9. Finger puppets: These are great for encouraging imagination and storytelling.
  10. Slap bracelets: These are a fun and inexpensive way to entertain a five-year-old girl.
  11. Rings and bracelets: These are perfect for a five-year-old girl to accessorise and express her personality.

If you're stuck for ideas, then check out the pocket money toy sections at gift shops and your local toy stores.

Stocking filler ideas for a 5 year old girl including Hawkins Bazaar (2)

Budget-Friendly Options: Affordable Stocking Fillers

If you're looking to fill your little one's stocking without breaking the bank, don't worry; there are plenty of budget-friendly options that can bring joy without straining your wallet. Here are some affordable stocking filler ideas:

  • Homemade Crafts: Get creative with your child by making homemade crafts together. You can create personalised Christmas ornaments, handcrafted cards, or even simple decorations. These not only make great stocking fillers but also provide quality bonding time.
  • DIY Projects: Engage your child in do-it-yourself projects. Consider making homemade playdough, painting rocks, or creating a scrapbook with pictures and drawings. These activities are not only budget-friendly but also offer a chance for your child to express their creativity.
  • Printable Colouring Pages: Look for free printable colouring pages online. Find images related to your child's interests, print them out, and include a set of coloured pencils or crayons in their stocking. It's an inexpensive way to keep them entertained.
  • Storytime: Visit your local library or explore online resources for free children's books. Add one or two age-appropriate books to their stocking. Reading together can be a wonderful bonding experience.
  • Puzzle Fun: Puzzle books, such as crosswords or Sudoku for kids, can be both entertaining and educational. They are usually affordable and can keep your child engaged for hours.

Remember, it's not the cost of the gift but the thought and love behind it that truly matter, especially during the festive season.

Gift Wrapping Tips: Making Presents Extra Special

Once you've gathered the perfect stocking fillers, it's time to make them look extra special with creative gift wrapping. Here are some gift-wrapping tips to add a personal touch:

  • Use Festive Paper: Choose wrapping paper with fun and festive designs that resonate with your child's interests. Whether it's reindeer, snowflakes, or unicorns, themed paper can make the gift more exciting.
  • Ribbon and Bows: Invest in some colourful ribbons and bows to adorn your presents. You can match the ribbon colour to the wrapping paper or create a contrast for a visually appealing look.
  • Personalised Tags: Make your own gift tags or buy personalised ones with your child's name on them. It adds a thoughtful touch to each present and makes it clear who the gift is for.
  • DIY Decorations: Get creative and make your own gift decorations. You can use cut-out shapes, stickers, or even tiny ornaments to embellish the packages.
  • Gift Bags: If you're not confident in your wrapping skills, consider using gift bags. They come in various sizes and designs, and all you need to do is place the gift inside and add some tissue paper.

Remember, the presentation can be just as exciting as the gift itself, and it shows the effort and care you put into making the holiday special.

Final thoughts

Once you get going, you'll realise there are lots of stocking filler ideas that are perfect for a five year old girl, and they are affordable too!

Buying presents and stocking fillers is a part of the magic of Christmas.  The next magical job is to stick on a Christmas film, or two, and wrap all the gifts up!