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Using antiques in your home without going back in time

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Using antiques in your home can give it a truly unique look, as well as help you to incorporate some sentimental accessories. Maybe these accessories have been handed down to you from other relatives, or maybe you simply saw them in a thrift store and liked them. Whatever the case, you want to make sure you can use these antiques in your home without going back in time. What I mean by this, is that you don’t want your home to begin looking unappealing and outdated as a result!

Using antiques in your home without going back in time

Keep It Minimal

Make sure you keep your antiques minimal. You especially shouldn’t have too many standout pieces in one place, or in close proximity to one another. Your room will begin to feel too cluttered, and you’ll take away from each special item with each one you add. You shouldn’t be detracting from the impact of anything that you add. Perhaps choose one object in each room, and consider making it a focal point. One of the fireplaces from Westland would make a great choice for something like this, but it could even be a clock or a painting. You’ll give your room plenty of character when you take this approach.

Mix Both Antique And Modern

Make sure you mix both antique and modern pieces so that your home still looks like it belongs in this era. If you try too hard to make your home look like a throwback, it’s could look ridiculous.

Carefully Think About Your Colour Scheme

The colours that look best in each location will vary from room to room. Dark furniture can take over a small room and make it feel gloomy, but in a large room these colours look much better. Make sure you think carefully about the colours in the space you’re thinking of adding your antique item.

Keep a Common Theme Through Your Home

If you manage to keep a common theme throughout your home, each of your antique pieces will still have a great impact, and you won’t find that it’s ‘too much’ at all. Why not choose one particular style, such as French or English? You can then enhance the one you’ve chosen with a few modern items. Things can easily be tied together with things like curtains and lampshades. Just make sure you avoid giving your home a cluttered feel while you’re working it all out. Getting the balance right will be challenging, but you’ll have such a sense of satisfaction once you manage to get it done!

You don’t want to step into your home and feel like you’ve entered a period drama. Even if you think that’s what you want right now, once you make the changes you’ll likely have second thoughts and wonder why on earth you decide to go for a theme like that. Giving a nod to past eras can be fun, but it’s still important to have a beautiful home, and modern furnishings can be far more comfortable and durable than in the past.