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Beauty-full business ideas (that you can do on the move)

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There is no doubt that, for parents, the idea of a mobile business is attractive. Rather than having to surrender yourself to spending hours at an office every day, you can book appointments as and when it suits you. This allows you to navigate tricky childcare arrangements by using your home as your main base, from which you travel to see various clients.

There are several types of businesses that can operate well as mobile businesses, but the beauty industry is by far the best choice if you are interested in working like this. Busy women don’t always have the time to attend a salon, so a beauty therapist who can come to them is always going to be attractive. If you’re tempted to give this a go and launch a small business that can fit your lifestyle and be lucrative, then it’s worth taking the time to explore the options below…

Mobile beauty business ideas

Option one: manicurist

Beautiful nails might not be the be-all and end-all, but there’s no doubt that a great manicure can give women a boost of self confidence. Nail technician businesses operate extremely well on a mobile basis, as they require relatively little equipment; if you’ve got a set of files, a few oils, and a great high quality nail polish collection, then you’re pretty much good to go.

To become a qualified manicurist, you will need to undertake vocational training and certification. This is relatively inexpensive, and one huge bonus is that it can be completed in a short time span-- so if you’re keen to get started, this could be a great option for you.

Option two: hairdressing

While hairdressing is most commonly performed in salons, it can work well as a mobile option for those who cannot, or prefer not to, attend a salon. Admittedly, it’s unlikely that you will be able to perform particularly “exciting” haircuts and colours on a mobile basis; you’re more likely to spend your time doing quick trims or styling for a night-out, but it’s still a viable business opportunity.

Hairdressing is a relatively accessible career, with various levels of training available. You will likely need to attend a school of some sort; most regional colleges offer vocational qualifications that start throughout the year, so contact your local institution for more information.

Option three: makeup artistry

Finally, makeup artists are more likely to operate a mobile business than any other beauty professional. The most common booking is, of course, for weddings, though there is also the potential to work with ladies who are just getting glammed up for a regular night out.

If you want to pursue makeup artistry, you will need to hone your skills, ideally by receiving professional accreditation. It is also helpful if you can persuade a few friends to be models for you, helping to showcase your skills and then photographing the looks you create for your portfolio. You’ll need to invest in a stock of good products, as well as suitable transport for those products, but that aside, the investment is relatively low and the profits potentially very high.

In conclusion

All three of the beauty businesses above can be operated on a mobile basis, allowing your work to fit into your lifestyle and still deliver the profit you need. Good luck!