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Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD palm reading app

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If someone could tell you what the future holds, would you want to know?

I’m not sure I would want to be able to see into the future.  Yes, perhaps to stop a major catastrophe, but I’m not sure I’d want to be able to see my life laid out in front of me.  If we were to know exactly what will happen to us then it takes away the notion of free will and being able to make our own choices.  It makes them seem somewhat predetermined.  I like to think we make our own fate and choose our own destinies.  That seems more realistic to me.

It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in psychic abilities though.  It's just what I'd like to believe, but it's not set in stone.  I think there is more to life than we know and much more to our consciousness and the human brain, which we apparently know very little about.  There may be other dimensions and parallel universes.  Perhaps some of our future is predetermined, but also we can edit our path as we go along.  Perhaps we’re all just avatars for aliens in space and a game to them.  No-one knows and perhaps the beauty of life is that it is a mystery.

I also know people who have had psychic dreams.  Whether it’s totally random or coincidence, their exact dreams have come true.  For example, someone dreamt their brother went to prison, and he then did.  Another dreamt someone who had a sterilisation was pregnant, and it turned out they were.  Yes, these could have been coincidences, but they’re always spooky when they happen!  Perhaps they were tapping into a part of the brain they didn’t know about.

We all know someone who has visited a psychic too.  I’ve not been myself, but those I know of have always been freaked out.  They’ve known so many details about them, things they couldn’t possibly have known.  I’m definitely a sceptic, but perhaps one day I’ll go and see for myself.  It’s always a bit scary they’ll say something we don’t want to hear!

When I was younger I used to regularly read my horoscope in newspapers and magazines.  It was fun and the possibility of predicting upcoming events was always exciting, especially for my love life as a teenager!

I was offered the opportunity to review a palmistry app from Stellar Palmistry, where you can also access a daily horoscope.

I do always question whether the results of these sorts of things are written in a way that could be applicable to anyone.  We might all interpret them in a way that is meaningful to our own selves to make sense of them.   Even if the responses can seem quite generic, it’s a great way to reflect on yourself and think about the most important things in life and self-improvement.  For me, this is the most enjoyable part of it; self-reflection and possibilities.

Whether you believe in it all or not, it’s still a fun app to download and to read your palm yourself.  If you like horoscopes then it’s a nice app to use to check yours each day.  Why not download it today and see what your future may hold?

My PalmistryHD Palm Reading Results

Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD Palm Reading App Results

The app is very simple and easy to use.  I downloaded it and within a few seconds I’d snapped a photo of my palm and was awaiting my results.  You can get it here as either an iOS app or Android app.

The results are split into four categories:

Fitness and Health

This says I am no slob and like to take care of myself.  That’s definitely true, I’m obsessed with health and always trying new superfoods.  I am refined sugar free, alcohol free, meat free and dairy free.  I care deeply about being healthy.  I also go to the gym 4-6 times per week.  So when it says I could still make some lifestyle changes, I guess the only thing I could do is go to the gym more or cut out the portion of chippy chips I have every Friday.  Other than that I think I’m probably about a thousand times healthier than most people!  It says I could push myself a bit harder when it comes to exercise, which I guess is true for everyone?  We can all push ourselves further and harder.  I could definitely do more exercise, but with two young children and trying to squeeze it in around childcare and working, it’s hard to find the time.  I think I do pretty well managing 4-6 times per week and will find it much easier to work out more once the children are a little older.

Success and Happiness

This mostly says I deserve happiness (hopefully most people do) and success, but I’ll have to work hard to be successful.  I’m not work shy and put 110% into my business and blogging full time.  Hard work, good decisions and sacrifice will give me a great deal of happiness.  This too can be applicable to most.  Happiness isn’t always just there; it has to be worked towards.  We have to build the lives we want and discover what really makes us happy.  I don’t think what people think makes them happy is always the reality.  Being content is key and this is what I want to work towards in my future.  I’d like to surround myself with things that make me happy and therefore fuel my success through a more positive attitude.

Career and Money

This is spot on, but it could be for the majority of people.  It says I have worries surrounding my finances and I’m not entirely happy with my income or economic status.  I’m definitely always worried about money!  I have a fear Ben will be made redundant and I’m always worried about my income as I’m self-employed.  I feel this is a natural worry for most though and I turn it into a positive by using it to encourage me to save as much as possible and not blow every penny we earn.  Worrying about these things since I’ve had children has definitely made me more careful with our money.  We budget and save every month, whereas pre-kids I spent every last penny and purchased useless stuff I never needed.  Now we make careful decisions, live a more minimal lifestyle and save for our future or trips away.  I feel more comfortable with our money situation from that point of view, but I never feel settled with our income.  I’m always aware it could change or disappear any day and that makes me anxious.

It does say I have ideas on how to change this, but something is holding me back, but my life cycle is leaving this difficult period and entering a more abundant time.  This is so true.  I struggle to find a work-life balance as only my eldest is in school full time.  Reuben is almost three and only at playschool for 3.5 school days.  So it can be a struggle to manage it all.  I’m sat typing this at the dinner table, for instance, as I’ve just not had enough time to get everything done today!  This phase is definitely ending soon as Reuben will start school in September 2019.  Then I hope to create a better work-life balance and have set working hours which will benefit us all.

Love and Relationships

This one is probably the least accurate for me as it says I’m in pursuit of love, but I am happily married.  It also says I have the characteristics of a great romantic partner, but I couldn’t be less romantic.  I explain that a little more in this review.  It also says a big relationship will pay a key role in my future.  I guess that could mean my relationship now or a new one in the future. 

It’s definitely fun to snap your palm and see what the results say about you.  Find their website and read your own palm here: