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Pro blogger: brilliantly unprofessional ways to appear professional

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The whole point of blogging is to be casual and relaxed. So, it seems counterproductive to appear as professional as possible. “Won’t that kill my vibe?” It’s easy to see why you would think that, but the reality is different. On the whole, consumers still want sites which are pretty, organised and which don’t smack of mediocrity. They are all traits of professionalism and need including in your platform as soon as possible.  If you want to make money from your blog then you definitely need to appear professional. Bloggers may not know where to start after a lifetime of trying to be out there and uncouth, but the following can help set the story straight.

Bend The Truth

The most reputable brands on the planet don’t tell white lies, or do they? The truth is that advertising isn’t a confession where you reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. Marketing is a dog eat dog world where competitors try to lure in new audience members and increase traffic. To hit this goal, the blog has to have a sound reputation. Websites like understand your plight and are here to help. The company provides a virtual mailbox with a physical address.  This is great for bloggers who don't want their personal address at the bottom of emails.  They'll upload your mail so you can access it virtually.  Just don't give this address out if you're reviewing products, or you'll only be able to access a photo of it!  You know, I always wondered how full time RVers managed their mail and this must be how.

Write With Style

The written word is still a powerful tool, even when it is conversational. A professional outfit would never use vernacular to converse with customers, but you are different. Blogs are informal spaces where readers and audience members can stop by to read funny, informative and entertaining posts. They are the exact opposite of sites with long, preppy prose which go on for ages. Therefore, it’s essential to write in a chatty style. The use of ‘you’ as well as slang adds a sense of character as well as humour. Don’t forget to add images and videos too.

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Reveal Your Features

No, this doesn’t mean the qualities of the blog which set it out from the crowd. Well, you should do that too but that’s a different conversation. Revealing your features is about putting a face to a name. Many CEOS and bosses prefer to work in the shadows and that the brand act as the figurehead. Your face is essentially your logo and that is why people come back to read, buy, or make a conversion. Publishing an image of yourself and your family on the blog’s ‘about me’ page makes it easier for your base to relate. It also adds an element of trust and makes them like you more.

Tell The Truth

Remember point one where I told you to bend the truth? Well, it wasn’t entirely accurate funnily enough! White lies in marketing are a necessary evil, yet fibs don’t always help. Your base asks questions because they want to hear the truth, so lying takes away that privilege. Plus, it makes your position as an authority blogger vulnerable. When you tell a lie, another blogger could counter with the truth and make you appear silly.  Yes, you might want to lie about your real address on email newsletters, but no you shouldn't lie about yourself or your beliefs in your writing.  Stay true to yourself and your readers.