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Easy ways to update your look on a budget

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January is the time for a fresh start and while we’re busy making exciting plans for the new year ahead, we may also consider giving our own personal style an overhaul.  Though finances are tight after the Christmas cheer, updating your look doesn’t need to break the bank. 

Here are several affordable ways to update your look on a budget.

Go for the chop

If money is tight this month, consider having a new hair style.  This doesn’t need to be as expensive as it first sounds.  A good trick is to go to the hairdressers with your hair already wet and skip them washing it for you.  At my local hairdressers this halves the price of a regular haircut, meaning I can get a professional cut for less than £20.  Change your locks by adding in a fringe or lots of layers to give shape and volume.  A new haircut could be all you need to feel like a new person!

Choose a lighter coat

If, like me, most of your contact with the outside world is, well, outside at the moment, then your entire outfit probably doesn’t matter much.  It’s the outerwear that is on show, so invest in a couple of coats you love to freshen up your look this season.  Have you heard of duster coats?  It’s a lightweight loose fitting long coat that has gained in popularity recently.  Be on trend and buy long sleeved women's duster coats online from stores like Bellfield clothing.

Add a scarf

Lightweight oversized fashion scarves can really change the entire look of an outfit.  Plus they can be worn indoors as well as out.  They are perfect for adding an extra dimension to an outfit or stealing the show if draped loosely over a plain top.  For bonus points, they are practical and will keep your neck warm in the winter months.  

Change your eye colour

Ever wondered what you’d look like with different coloured eyes?  You don’t need to wonder anymore as contact lenses with or without prescriptions can easily be purchased online and you’ll be able to change your eye colour the very next day.  If you don’t want to completely change the colour of your eyes then opt for enhancer lenses which add sparkle or shimmer to your natural colour.

DIY your own clothes

Instead of splashing out on new clothes, why not upcycle the pieces you rarely wear anymore?  If you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread or if you have a sewing machine lying around, dust it off and get creative.  Shorten your dresses and use the extra material to make a new top.  If you hate the colour of something, try dying it into a new colour you love.  If you're a bit nervous about chopping up your own clothes to DIY, experiment with some from a charity shop first.

Shop savvy

The best way to shop at this time of the year is in the sales and charity shops to find a bargain.  Most people will be having wardrobe overhauls and post-Christmas clear-outs in January, so there’s never a better time to find a deal in your local thrift stores.

Assess what you already have

It’s often reported that us women only wear around 10% of our wardrobe.  The rest is just hanging around (literally) waiting for some use.  Why not take the opportunity to dig deep into the depths of your closet and find the clothes you’ve forgotten about.  Try wearing these clothes instead for a new look that won’t cost you a penny.

Wear lipstick

Or if you already do, try a different shade.  A bolt of red lipstick can instantly change your entire look and promote femininity and power.  Go on, I dare you.

Finally, if you’re on a budget and you have to stick to it, then stick to it.  Don’t overspend.  Come up with creative affordable ways to update your look.  It doesn’t have to be with the most expensive item in the store.  Think twice before you commit to buy something.   If you’re shopping in the stores, then put by the things you think you want and don’t make a decision until you’ve been to every store you want to visit.  Then you can pick the best bargains and buy only what you need once you’ve seen the lot. 

It’s easy to update your look on a budget with the above tips.