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My 2018 family travel plans and bucket list

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I recently posted a blog expressing my excitement for our 2018 travel plans.  January was definitely a month spent dreaming of faraway lands as I felt the cabin fever of being stuck at home creep in more and more.  It’s been such a long time since we went away properly and we have never been on an abroad family holiday.  This year will mark our first trip abroad as a family for a holiday and I can’t wait.  We’ve also booked a couple of short UK breaks for three or four nights.  I’m even thinking of our 2019 holidays and planning where we’ll go!  I’ve definitely got the holiday fever and now the children are a little older I’m ready to start traveling more and exploring this world we only get one chance to see.  For inspiration I’ve been checking out the luxury locations on this Destination2 Deals webpage and swooning over the tropical beach huts, crystal clear sparkling seas and sun drenched beaches.

Here’s the reality of our family travel plans so far for 2018 and below these you’ll find my travel bucket list!

Family Travel Plans 2018 (the reality)

Spring – Jandia, Fuerteventura
Summer – Center Parcs, Longleat, UK
Winter – Bluestone, Wales, UK

I’m so excited for our Jandia holiday as you can probably tell.  It will be our first beach holiday abroad as a family so fingers crossed it goes well!  I’m sure it will as the children will have a pool, beach and playpark in walking distance and hopefully sunny warm weather every day.  We have booked all-inclusive so can totally relax and not lift a finger.  Ben and I have only ever been abroad together once and it was self-catering, so this will be a total luxury. 

As our only ever family holiday to Cornwall was a washout (think family of four in beach tent hiding from rain) I have booked Center Parcs and Bluestone this year so we have some great indoor entertainment no matter what the weather!  Plus we’ll have restaurants on site so we don’t have to visit Tesco if we don’t want to.  These holidays do cost a bit more, but they are supposedly 5* and I’m dying to see if they both live up to the hype.  We’re really spoiling ourselves with holidays this year and I can’t wait to start making memories with the children.

Travel Bucket List (the dream)

I have a huge bucket list.  I want to visit so many places, so I’ve narrowed this down to my absolute dream list!

Thailand – The islands look absolutely beautiful.  Ever since seeing my uncle’s friend’s photos when he travelled there I’ve always wanted to go.  I used to want to go for the party scene, but now I just want to go to see the scenery and explore.

Australia, New Zealand and Great Barrier Island – I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. The climate appeals to me as a summer baby and sun lover.  I feel like myself in the summer and I’m miserable the rest of the year.  I’ve often said I’d love to move there which is ridiculous as I’ve never even been, so I need to go and see what it’s like.  My favourite TV show is Ben Fogle, Lives in the Wild.  He visits Great Barrier Island and it’s stunning.  It looks like the most perfect location to raise a family and be more self-sufficient and not part of the rat race.  That sort of lifestyle totally appeals to me.  It looks like the perfect place to live and I’d definitely love to visit one day.

Bora Bora –
this looks like a breath-taking paradise from photos I’ve seen online and apparently has a price tag to match its luxurious appeal.  Nevertheless, I will make it there one day!  The overwater bungalows are enticing enough.  Many have glass bottoms to see the lagoon life below.

Treetops Hotel, Kenya, Africa – My favourite animals to see just have to be zebras, giraffes and elephants.  I can only dream of seeing them in their natural habitat and one day I may be able to on an African Safari and stay in the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.  I’ve only known one person to go to Africa on safari and they said it changed their perception of the world forever.

California and Nevada USA – I’ve spent seven weeks in California before, but I’ve still not seen the Grand Canyon.  I’d love to do a helicopter ride to see the canyon in all its glory.  I’d also love to take Ben and the children to Universal Studios as they’re so much fun.

Ireland and Scotland – It seems so silly that I live in the UK, yet I’ve never been to Ireland or Scotland!  These are a must.  I’d love to get a camper and start exploring our homeland more.

Channel Islands – I’m hoping we can visit the Channel Islands in 2019.  You know, when I persuade Ben to sell his silly car and buy a camper so we can ferry there.  Even if not I plan to stay there next year on either Guernsey or Jersey.  I’m intrigued to see what the islands are like.

I could go on and on, but these are top of my list for now.  Better get saving!