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6 gym problems only the ladies understand

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Have you ever seen the guys who hit the gym in a tank top and short-shorts? We all have and personally it often makes me feel uncomfortable.  That air of confidence I just know I'll never have along with the shove it in your face I'm a steroid-taking-iron-pumping-pink-wearing-gym-junkie look at me! 

That last part I definitely don't want to have.  It can be really off-putting if you want to go to the gym and feel intimidated by these types, but honestly, don't let it put you off.  Let them do their thing and you just do your thing.  Forget about everyone else and focus on yourself. 

After all, noone is going to judge anyone for being active and trying to better themselves.  We're all human and we're all different.  Well some want to flaunt it, the rest of us just want to get on with it in peace and a little more discreetly.

It isn’t like the women can’t do it as well as the men. Let’s not get into that argument right now! It’s more that ladies have to deal with much more while on the treadmill than the fellas. Seriously, it’s soul destroying at times.  So, if you go to the gym, you’ll one-hundred percent understand and relate to the following. If you don’t, carry on reading and stand in solidarity with your sisters.

6 gym problems only the ladies understand

1. Sore breasts

As well as worrying whether their sports bra is clean and ready for action, us women also have to think about whether it's the right time of month for a swim or gym.  By the way, I'm sure the men would love to see more women going au naturel at the gym, but the staring is uncomfortable and the constant bouncing hurts! Sometimes, boobs aren’t great for working out at all, especially if they hurt at that time of month.  I've even had to stop running and step away from the treadmill because mine were so sore at that time of the month.  So frustrating.  That's one thing men will never have to worry about and a royal pain in the backside for those of us who want to work out, but it's too painful.  If I don't have a sports bra to properly strap them down, then I can't work out, no matter what time of the month it is.

2. Self-confidence

Boys slip on their gym clothes and don’t have a care in the world. Women are constantly worrying about how they look and whether anyone is going to make fun. As we know, the ladies have been subjected to unfair treatment regarding their appearance for years, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Sadly, it’s hard to lose the makeup, tie the hair back and step into the lion’s den without negative thoughts. And, that isn’t the only issue. Because we aren’t as obsessed with the mechanics as the guys, there is a lack of understanding. Now, everyone looks at the machines and baulks at the idea of using them properly, yet women over think things. “What if I look stupid?” is a question which burns every time we are next in line. Instead of asking the cute trainer for help, it’s simpler to stay at home or use the free weights.  But banish that fear and just go for it!  Make use of the gym induction to learn how to properly use the equipment and you'll be confident in no time.  Forget about the make up and hair - it's going to slide off and come undone through all the working out anyway.  Embrace being natural, free and feeling great from a workout.

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3. Women’s problems

Technically, all seven on the list are women’s problems, but this is the generic one. A period isn’t something to whisper; it’s a huge part of a female’s life. Thankfully, they are easier to control nowadays with sanitary products and better medicine. Still, Mother Nature can and will rear her head at the most inopportune of moments, mainly when you’re straddling an exercise bike! We have all been there and it isn’t nice. In fact, some women get self-conscious enough to exercise in solitude. However, part of being a modern woman is about projecting confidence even when your body isn’t on the same page.  Plus just because you know, no-one else knows so don't worry about it.

4. Hairstyle/ skin

Sweat is terrible for hair, and it isn’t great for skin either. As soon as the material on the outside of your body gets oily, it starts to clog the pores. Next, the breakouts appear out of nowhere and you suddenly feel like a teenage girl once again. Even worse is when we forget to take off our makeup and work out with leftover concealer. Then there’s the hairstyle. What guys just don’t understand is the complexity of managing long hair. Firstly, there is the time it takes to wash and dry it, which is ridiculous. Plus, there’s the ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ dilemma. The gym usually isn’t enough to get in the shower and wash the scalp, which is a problem. Now, you have to find a way to salvage your look for tomorrow. Step forward dry shampoo. Powdery and wonderful, it takes away the greasiness without damaging the follicles. Thank goodness for that!

5. Naked ladies

For women, this isn’t a massive deal. Come on; we’ve all seen girl parts before. It’s not the boobs and vaginas that are the deal breakers, though. Nope, it’s the flat stomachs and the long legs that are the envy of women around the world. Sadly, being in a locker room with peers means you are going to feel the pull of the green-eyed monster. As soon as you see someone with a figure that you would kill for, you can’t help but stare. Even for ladies, gawking at a naked stranger is a tad uncouth. The worst thing is the image stays in your head for days and makes you feel terrible. We would all love to use it to our advantage and get fit, but that’s easier to say than to do. Sometimes - and men would never understand - the locker room of attractive, nude women is off-putting.  Again the best advice is to just worry about yourself and not other people.  You're there for you and not to compare.  Comparison is the thief of joy, don't do it!

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6. Trashy TV

Getting through a session on the treadmill takes patience and dedication as well as entertainment. Modern gyms are like homes away from home with personal TVs, yet you can’t watch what you like. Sure, the Real Housewives of wherever is on right now and it’s your favourite, but you want to fit in with the crowd. So, you turn the channel to Bloomberg and stare at a boring piece about the financial sector. All of the Wall Street types are nodding along with interest and you just want to end things with a swift bullet to the head. Okay, maybe that’s a little OTT, but if the urge to watch trashy TV isn’t then girl, consume what you like. There’s no judgment here.  Be yourself. 


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