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Braces at 30 | 15th Tightening | 23 Months | Before and After Photos

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It has only been four and a half weeks since my last brace tightening appointment, but it’s amazing how much can change in such little time. Unfortunately for the worse this time!

Peg tooth & space either side for veneer

I hadn’t even noticed, but my peg tooth had moved from the middle of the gap created for a veneer, all the way to the side and next to my front tooth!  Pesky peg tooth!  So we need to move it back into the middle.  This is so the veneer will sit on the tooth properly.

Twisted canine

My canine that was untwisted right at the start and then moved back to third position from second had started twisting itself again!  I’d only been wearing my top to bottom elastics on one side to try and nudge the centre line, so this could be why.  So I’m going to have to settle for an off-centre centre line or my teeth may start shifting and the whole process could go on forever.  So I’ve moved back down a wire to get my canine untwisted.  Again.

No top to bottom elastics

As the thickest steel wire has been removed from the top teeth I can’t wear the top to bottom elastics.  I’m not complaining as I hate those things.  But I do keep feeling like I’ve forgotten to do something as the usual pressure is gone from my mouth.

Filing down my teeth

There are still gaps between my bottom teeth in two places.  It’s where the teeth are unevenly worn down on the sides, so the tops of the teeth touch, but the rest doesn’t.  The orthodontist filed down some of the teeth to help them come together straighter.  CRINGE!  It was like nails down a blackboard and I had to just deal with it.  I hate the feeling of filing.  I can’t even file my own nails!  So imagine having your teeth filed.  Arg!

Getting there

I have another appointment booked for the start of March for a tightening and then we were hoping to remove the brace at the end of March, but I think that may be delayed.  It still seems like there is quite a bit of tweaking to do and now we’re even redoing things we’ve done before as the teeth have moved position or twisted.  Frustrating!

I am SOOOOOOO ready to have my mouth back now and the brace off.  Though I’m not ready for the massive gaps I’ll have before I can get my two false teeth.  I’m just ready for the entire thing to be over and ready to feel confident smiling!


I’ve been recording my whole experience right from my first consultation.  Find my entire journey here: Braces at 30

Braces Timeline:

22 months brace timeline before and after photos adult experience wire trai


And here's a photo today, 2 days after my 23 month tightening.  The peg tooth is already moving back over to the middle:

Braces at 30 15th Tightening 23 Months Before and After Photos