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Why I’ve set up a second blog: An introduction to Healthy Vix

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I may be barmy, but this year I have set up a brand new blog called Healthy Vix.  It’s my second blog and I will focus on my absolute main passion there – all things healthy!  Healthy living, healthy eating, my diet and opinions on the topic, healthy homes, eco-friendly living, healthy bodies, fitness and a healthy planet.  Oh and also natural beauty and being healthy to our skin as well as our insides.  Anything that I think relates to leading a healthier lifestyle.  It’s so much more than just what we eat.

Over the past seven years I’ve become more and more healthy and more obsessed about leading the healthiest life I possibly can.  This has gone from what I put in my body to also what I put on my body, extending to what we use around the home and how we can lessen our impact on the environment and be kinder to nature and animals.  It’s become an obsession, but I think it’s a great obsession to have.

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Even Ben my husband, a keen meat eater, has cut out all meat and dairy this year so far, something I never thought I’d see happen!

I love my original blog here, Lylia Rose, and I thought about changing it to all things healthy, but I love the freedom here of being able to write about all sorts of topics.  So I’ve decided to keep this as my lifestyle blog with a variety of topics that interest me and where I can share whatever I want to, namely: family lifestyle, making money from home, home & garden, healthy living.  This blog has a family focus, healthy focus and money focus which is often incorporated into all posts as it’s a big part of my lifestyle and what I care about.  We've also been doing up our home and garden for four years, so this is another topic regularly featured here.

It seemed a better idea to have a new blog that’s all about the healthy stuff.  Plus I thought it would be fun to have a second as I love blogging so much!  I only say I must be barmy as I already only just manage to keep on top of my workload, two young kids and the general day to day stuff like housework and cooking, plus go to the gym most days!  Life is already so busy I’m not sure how I’ll squeeze another in, but I want to give it my best shot.  I’m just planning on writing one blog post a week there for now.

Why I've set up a second blog An introduction to Healthy Vix

It’s also a great way for me to see how WordPress works as I’ve never used it before!  This blog, Lylia Rose, is actually really meant to be an ecommerce store.  My blog evolved and took over.  Now it’s so huge it terrifies me to try and move it, plus my current web team think I’d have to copy and paste it all over – that’s over 1000 blog posts.  Sounds a nightmare!  Plus this blog is my income source, so I can’t risk losing that and my stats.

It’s another reason I’ve set up a second blog too.  Kind of like back up.  I’m always terrified this blog will just disappear one day.  Like something may happen and it gets hacked or deleted or disappears into cyber space.  Then that’s my livelihood gone overnight.  So for my own peace of mind I’d like to start building a second blog as a security net.

If you love my healthy posts and want to know more about why I eat the way I do (meat/dairy/refined sugar/alcohol free) and how to live a greener lifestyle, then please do visit and subscribe to my second blog at  Your support means so much to me.