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How to embrace the Hygge style

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Hygge is one of the top trends in home decor right now. This style comes from Denmark and its ethos is to create a feeling of warmth and peace at home. The concept is often associated with the cold and winter, but it is something that can be used all year round when done right. If you were already a fan of the Scandinavian style and minimalism, you will love the hygge look.

Here are 5 top tips to getting a hygge inspired home:

1. Neutral colours

For a hygge home, stick to a neutral palette. By doing this, you create a peaceful atmosphere and sobriety is the key to encourage a relaxing feeling. Don’t feel as though you have to just stick to white or beige for example. Pastel colours work just as well and this affords you the chance to work with a little more colours in a room. Similarly, greys are perfect for hygge homes. A warm toned dove grey for example compliments the neutral tones nicely and adds a touch of sophistication to these lighter colours.

2. Less is More

Since hygge is another form of the Scandinavian style, minimalism is a key element when decorating. Don’t look to ostentatious furniture or big centre pieces as this look is all about the little things. Hygge is not about showing off, the ultimate goal of this look is to create a haven in your house where you feel at peace.

3. Candles and lights

Candles help to reinforce the feeling of calm associated to hygge by adding a feeling of intimacy. Using candles will also create that welcoming aroma to your home that adds that extra touch of cosiness. Try to also use fairy lights as this will add to that dreamy atmosphere look you are trying to achieve.  Avoid bright lights, these add a clinical touch to a room which you are trying to avoid. With larger overhead lights, look for bulbs that have a yellow hue.

4. Textures

Hygge can be considered a sort of rustic look. Therefore, the use of texture and colour helps to avoid a too simplistic look. Striking the balance between minimalism and empty is sometimes hard, but get it right, and you have a gorgeous aesthetic. You can do this by playing with materials such as wool, wood and stone for example. These natural materials are perfect for that slight rustic element to this design. Remember to stick to the before mentioned colour palette, as bold designs and colours is the opposite of the look you are going for.

5.  Floors

Wood floors, such as walnut flooring, are perfect for the hygge look as they promote that warm and cosy feeling we want. If the space is small, it is recommended to go for lighter woods as this will help to make the space look bigger. We mentioned earlier the need to play with textures, so wood floors are ideal. To bring back that softness, try using a shaggy rug. Not only will you create a contrast that adds a bit of interest to the room, but shaggy rugs are also synonymous with the hygge look.

Final word

As you can see, it is not that difficult to embrace a hygge look. Keep it simple and look for things that make you comfortable and bring peace and joy to your house.